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This speaker is great. I wanted to listen to music in the shower without damaging my ipod by exposing it to water vapor. The Bluetooth has a good range and can connect to my iPod from the other room and the sound quality and volume are good. The battery life seems good, I have been using the speaker for a little over 2 weeks and haven't had to recharge it yet. Easy to use & setup I am happy to recommend this speaker to anyone wanting to listen to music in their bathroom.

Ryan Bebyamin

Sounds great long lasting battery even take calls in the shower!! A+!! If you want a good speaker this is the one that won't break the bank!!

Yoni Nesher

This speaker is crazy awesome! I can stick it to my sink, my window, my counter. All over the place! It's nice to have while working away in the kitchen. Or the bathroom. Or to take with me to whatever room I happen to be in. It was easy to connect and it's easy to charge it back up after my many hours of play. I love this little guy!

Mika Shurain

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