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10 Tips to Grow YouTube Channel for Musicians

30. August 2016

Upload Significant Contents Regularly

Apart from the fast- growing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Youtube is also a great platform to promote your music. As a musician, taking advantage of this website is a great way to make an edge among your competitors, grow your fan base, advertise your music, and generate revenue.

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To successfully jumpstart your career in YouTube and relish the advantages we just mentioned above, these 10 practices will help improve your channels effectiveness and appeal towards your target fan base.

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1. Use a Great Thumbnail


Upload Significant Contents Regularly

Your video thumbnail is the first thing your visitors see when they visited your channel. Make sure it’s eye-catching that will persuade them to click and watch your video.

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2. Write Compelling Video Title and Descriptions


Upload Significant Contents Regularly

Your video title and description play a crucial role to intrigue your viewers. Moreover, it helps users and fans to easily search your content.

Make sure that the title is relevant to your video. It should be specific and clear. The description, on the other hand, is more detailed. It explains the video content or even provides insights about you as a musician. You can also include the song lyrics if you want.

3. Produce Relevant Videos


Upload Significant Contents Regularly

Aside from displaying your music lyrics, a tent pole is also necessary. A tent pole is a piece of content you should build around for big events. Let say, you will launch your music video, record and create videos for the behind- the- scenes, direct-to-fan announcement, and other promotional tactics.

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4. Engage with Your Fans


Upload Significant Contents Regularly

YouTube generates more engagement than Facebook, a recent study show. With this, make sure to discuss and reach out to your fans by responding to their YouTube comments. This creates a positive impression for you a musician; moreover, helps grow your network in less time.

5. Run a Contest

Youtube Channel for Musicians

Contests are easier done on YouTube. Make your channel as your primary platform for holding competitions as this is where your music is. Invite your fans to join by creating video announcements and use it to declare the winner through a recorded video where you congratulate the winner.  

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6. Create Opportunities through your YouTube Channel


Youtube Channel for Musicians

Maximize the use of your YouTube channel. Aside from sharing your music, you can also create videos encouraging your fans to interact with you in the comment section. For an instance, ask them to buy your single, vote for you, or even invite them to come on your next tour.

You can also talk about your tour dates and ask them of places you can visit during those time. It’s also an opportunity to inform them of your meet up schedules.

7. Include relevant details to your YouTube Channel


Youtube Channel for Musicians

Directions, comments, purchase links, websites--- include everything on your YouTube Channel. Your channel is your haven anyway so you can do whatever you wish, whether to advertise, promote, or just say hello to your fans.

However, be careful on the details you are posting. Make sure that it has value.

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8. Create Playlist of your Songs


Youtube Channel for Musicians

Instead of making videos of each of your song, why not create a comprehensive playlist of your music. Start with the latest and most popular videos. Then record the music of your old materials. This way, your fans will cycle between each video until they got hooked on listening to your unique music.

9. Take Advantage of Google Hangout


Youtube Channel for Musicians

Hang out with your YouTube subscribers with the Google Hangout. Your subscribers can participate in the discussion and can personally converse with you. You can set up a structure during your session or just freely do anything you want during the hangout.

Share the link to your social media accounts to get more listeners and viewers.

10. Upload Significant Contents Regularly


Youtube Channel for Musicians

People will personally find your channel so make sure you update it regularly. If you are already featured on blogs or even other platforms, expect a flock of visitor coming your way. A lyric video can suffice if you really are busy to produce new contents.

There you go! The above 10 tips will help you grow your YouTube Channel in no time. The success may not come overnight but the fact that you are progressing is a good thing for you as a musician.

Has something to add to the list? Feel free to comment below!



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