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American Idol’s Farewell Season Almost Here

05. April 2016

American Idol Season 15 bids farewell to fans after the 15 successful years in the business. The reality singing competition ends this week with one hour of a retrospective episode titled, “AMERICAN IDOL: American Dream”. Featured in the episode were the current and former judges, Seacrest, contestants, and memories from the behind- the- scenes.


American Idol Finale Farewell SEASON

American Idol has proven itself as a stellar reality competition with talented and heartwarming contestants, alluring host and judges. Original judges were Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, and Randy Jackson with different personality and tastes--- Abdul the optimist, Cowell the critic, and Jackson the balanced. Their chemistry plus experience helps American Idol reach the juggernaut.


The competition that became a phenomenon is ending! Join us to celebrate the epic #IdolFarewell tonight at 8/7c.

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If you are an all-time fan or just watched the show several times in 15 years, you would still and probably feel emotional as you watch Simon Cowell, Justin Guarini, Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Ruben Studdard, and more remembered their IDOL memories. These American Idol babies are doing great in their own industries and paving the way to success.

Several stars returned during the Farewell episode including William Hung and Brian Dunkleman.


Brian Dunkleman

You should know these guys. But if you don’t, Dunkleman was one of the original hosts during the very first season of American Idol. Hung performed in Season 3 an unforgettable rendition of She Bangs that made him an overnight sensation.


Original American Idol judges were also present. Abdul departed in 2009 while Cowell left in 2010. Jackson remains until 2014 and was replaced by Ryan Seacrest.


The #IdolFarewell is so bittersweet!

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Anyway, if you had not watched the retrospective episode, here are best three moments I can share with you.

1. Kelly Clarkson was never shortlisted until…

Nigel Lythgoe admits that she wasn’t impressed by Kelly’s singing voice not until she was included in the top 10.

"The very first time I heard Kelly Clarkson sing, I thought she was OK. Just OK. But when we had the top 10, she just grew week on week on week, and anything that she was challenged with she just shone and shone."

Even Cowell wasn’t expecting great from Kelly until she got to the stage and sings her heart out.

2. Kelly knows the industry is full of grumps but…

One advice from Kelly is to embrace Simon Cowell if you want to stay top in the grumpy industry.

"If you can't handle Simon Cowell then you're screwed in this industry. Yeah, he's nothing. He was just being honest and a lot of times I agreed. If you can't handle that level of criticism—it gets worse."

3. American Idol Season 1 was a disaster just because…

Everyone during the season 1 got laryngitis so they had to flip coins for songs. They were not able to rehearse some of the songs they sang during the Season 1 finale. Have you noticed that? I haven't. They are great singers, indeed.


The American Idol farewell season kicks off on Jan 6, 2016, Wednesday and the Grand Finale week started just this April 5, 2016, Tuesday. Mark your calendar as the 15th American Idol will be crowned on April 7, Thursday, and get yourself ready to say goodbye to your favorite reality singing contest.

Would you miss American Idol? Share us your thoughts by writing your comments below.

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