Talented Nigerian Played “Smooth Criminal” to a Whole New Level


Talented Nigerian took “Smooth Criminal” to a whole New Level

We have never seen such a talented beatboxer like Kevin “K.O” Olusola. His bodacious rendition of Sweet Criminal by Michael Jackson had received over 746,467 and counting views on YouTube. The “King of Pop” is probably so proud of you.

Kevin uploaded this video on July 5, 2009, with headline “Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Intro Hip-Hop Cello Beatboxing” and receives overwhelming support from fans until this date.

YouTubers are continuously sending love saying that Kevin Olusola is an amazing beatboxer, great cellist, and freaking astounding. One fan said that if Michael Jackson is the “King of Pop”, Kevin K.O Olusola is the “King of Everything Else.” He had caught so many hearts with his unique music.

Kevin “K.O Olusola


Kevin Olusola, also known as K.O, breakthroughs the boundary to music success with his creative skill called “celloboxing”, which he learned in college. He was actually born and trained as a musician. In his early age, K.O began learning saxophone, piano, and cello and started joining several competitions in High School. He lands the 2nd place at “Celebrate and Collaborate with Yo-Yo Ma” in 2009, his first- winning international contest.

His career started to blossom after HuffingtonPost, Washington Post, AOL, and CBS featured his “Julie-O “celloboxing” on 2011.

Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”


“Smooth Criminal” is in Michael Jackson’s seventh single, Visionary: The Videkson’o Singles box set, released on April 10, 2006. It became part of his several albums including “This is it” and “Immortal”, and played the as signature song of “Moonwalker” film in 1998.

No wonder why Kevin K.O Olusola is a member of Grammy- winning quintet, the Pentatonix.

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