Ariana Grande’s Uncanny Impersonation on SNL Goes Viral

Ariana Grande on SNL

Ariana Grande hosted “Saturday Night Live” on March 12, 2016, and showed her awe-inspiring impersonation skill.

Her impressive musical prowess and mimicking skill have become the talk of the town after she appeared as an intern in Tidal network. If you haven’t seen it, watch here:


Grande did a great work as Chloe, an intern at Tidal. In the parody, Tidal went down and videos streaming are shutting off one by one. There is no way to resolve the problem than for someone to do the act live.

As a talented singing intern, Chloe portrays celebrity stars including Shakira, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Rihanna, and Whitney Houston.

Chloe did a great impersonation of Britney Spears with a husky, thin voice. She also spoofed Rihanna singing “Work” with a funny booty shaking. However, Chloe admits she doesn't understand the lyrics. Tidal’s manager agrees saying that nobody does grasp the song.  Although she wasn't able to mock Rihanna, she perfects Celine Dion singing, the impression and gestures. After a while, Whitney Houston’s channel went down so she has to impersonate the icon, and successfully sang I will Always Love You!

The manager asks Chloe to mimic Ariana Grande but refuses because she’s not an Arianator.

Long after all the impersonation, Chloe had saved Tidal!

Talented Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande on SNL

Ariana Grande’s awesome impersonation aptitude is awesome. Before showing off her talent at SNL, she has had impersonated Christina Aguilera at “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

Ariana’s appearance at SNL has garnered positive responses  from her fans. Although Ariana’s SNL performance doesn’t improve its rating that much, the skit became a nationwide trending topic.

You would definitely love Ariana and her talent after watching her vibrant and charming satire.

Which impersonation you enjoyed most? Tell us in the comment box below!

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