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Watch Chargaux's Violin Cover of “Shake it Off”

29. April 2016


With over 600,000 views and overwhelming feedback from Youtube fans, Chargaux’s violin cover of “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift made a hit.

If you have not seen their bodacious cover, watch it below.

Who is Chargaux?


“Chargaux” is a classical string duo from Brooklyn, in the person of Jasmin “Charly” Charles and Margaux Whitney.

These two pretty cheerful ladies were total strangers until fate brought them together at Copley Square six years ago. Charles was only a student then, who plays viola for Copley Square. On the same time, Margaux was on a lunch break from her work.

Having an innate inclination to music, Margaux invited Charly to jam together. As soon as these ladies played their instruments, people get stunned and started sneaking photos and videos of them.  Others were also asking if they were a group. In fact, they have just met.

From that day on, Charles and Margaux regularly play music in the street. They also started uploading videos on Youtube, which includes “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift. Long after, they decided to name their duo, the “Chargaux”.



 Fresh Breed of Music


Chargaux started incorporating electronic sounds and hip-hop together. Although they play opposite genre, they have creatively cohered their styles in composing the best music they can. Their creative blend made a fresh breed of music.

Michael Holman discovered their cover of “Sweetness of the New” on Youtube and invited them to collaborate. They also became part of the Opening Ceremony in Resort 2015 runaway show and performed Kanye West’s “Flashing Lights” and Beyonce’s “Partition”.

Besides from the fame gained from playing music on the subway, Charles and Margaux have already released their own music.

Have you enjoyed their violin cover of “Shake it Off?” Send them love in the comment box below!

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