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Teen Plays Guitar and Basketball at the Same Time

30. April 2016

Ben Lapps

They say that you cannot do two things at the same time. But would you still confirm to it after you watch the video of Ben Lapps, a fingerstyle guitarist, who plays acoustic guitar while dribbling and throwing a three point shot. You have to see this now.

The Guitar Prodigy


This prodigy can play guitar and basketball at the same time. We were surprised that he is also good in playing basketball.

If Ben could do this, possibly you can either.

Uploaded on June 2013, this video has over 2 million views on YouTube and has amassed thousands of fans and subscribers.

Aside from the above video, he had also uploaded two more bodacious Youtube videos showing his fingerstyle while eating gummy candies and frying eggs.

Who is Ben Lapps?

 Ben Lapps


Ben Lapps is not your ordinary young man. He had actually recorded and released his first album at age 14 and has produced two more albums afterwards.

Ben was born in a family of musicians. Although everybody in the family has an inclination to music, like his dad who loves to play trumphet and siblings who loves strumming the violin, only Ben has the desire to turn his passion to a career.

He started playing guitar when he was 12. Playing the old acoustic guitar from his Brother’s room, he was able to discover a lot in the instrument. And that provokes him to explore more possibilities using the string instrument.

Number One Influencer


Stunned by Justin King’s fingerstyling in the video “Squaredance”, Ben challenged himself to learn how to mightily strum a guitar. He started experimenting music, and created the sound and beats he could made.

Michael Hedges, Thomas Leeb, and Justin King are truly his inspiration in creating his unique and attention-grabbing music.

After few months of playing and learning, he then realized that music has no limits, that he can create and re-create almost everything.

At age of 20, he had released three albums, The new Color (2009), See, The Sky (2011), Stormalong (2014) and had appeared and performed concerts.

Ben Lapps always is a prodigy of fingerstyle guitar.

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