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8 Country Music Facts You Never Knew

03. May 2016

In our previous post, we defined country music as a popular genre from the American roots with simple harmonies and limited chords. We have also identified country music icons like Roy Acuff, Patsy Cline, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift, who have fueled the genre.

However, we should dig beyond the apparent and discover more behind the scene, the roots and beginnings. 


Country Music

Here we consolidated eight fun facts about country music you never knew before.

1. Country music originated in the Southeast American country. Yet, according to research, the beginning of country music was traced in the Appalachian Mountains, where immigrants did settle in 1920’s.

The Appalachian folks already published a book titled “old- time music” long before hillbilly music was recorded.

2. Eck Robertson, a Texas fiddler, pioneered the recording of a country music in 1922, decades before the term “country music” was coined and enter the vogue. He recorded 16 tracks from 1922- 1929 old music. His recording is still accessible today.

3. Jimmie Rodgers is the Father of Country Music. He doesn’t have the knack of who he is until Ralph Peer, an American Talent scout from RCA, discovered him. He sent a letter to the family, inviting Rodgers to perform a country music either in or out of the town. Jimmie Rodgers pioneered the country music in 1927 and had amassed reputation over the years.

4. Henry Ford promoted the country music in the 1920’s. He encourages more wholesome entertainment by promoting square dances and organizing fiddling contests.

5. Hollywood is to blame why western music gets linked to country music. Although it is not complicated as it seems, however, country music identity was tarnished. The tune remains as is but the dress code made the difference. Western cowboy outfits are regarded as country music instead of the Southern hillbilly styles.


8 interesting facts about country music


6. Crazy Water Crystals sanitized country music from a rowdy and bawdy to a positive, folksy music after the radio burgeoned as the primary medium to promote local entertainment. This cleaner type of country music has paved way for the success of several country music singers, helping them generate more sales.

7. Crazy Water Crystals had sponsored local country music artists in the mid-1930s and had supported several groups as long as they include “Crazy” in their appellation. In fact, it trends all over the country evoking Roy Cuff, a young showman, to baptize his group as the “Crazy Tennesseans”, which he believes would thrive.

8. Joe McCarthy coined the term “country music”. From the original label of “hillbilly music” which is quite degrading, the anti- communist senator thought of other name to call the genre. “Oat tunes” and “old- time” weren’t maintained except for the “folk” that made the Weavers thrive.

However, not long after the McCarthy demanded Pete Seeger, Weaver’s lead singer, to admit his Communist leanings, “folk” was the replaced by “country and western” or plainly “country”.

We are decades away from the roots of country music but understating its origin has always a value of today’s generation. The success of the genre, as well as its artists, is crafted by the history and its origin.

Now that you have a better knack of these facts about country music, where it came, who have started, and how it lives, better spread the word and let others know about it, too!

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