What is Life With and Without Music?

Life with and without music

Music is around the corner. It’s present from the time you step out the house, ride a bus, until you arrived at your destination. Its vitality eludes monotony. This is definitely the reason why almost everyone loves music.


Life without Music


Jumping out from the bed before the sun shows up is somehow dreary. Admit it or not, you have wasted several minutes taming yourself before you finally do your morning routine. 

Another, a long road trip is fun, however, the struggle of keeping yourself awake, especially for the driver in charge, is crucial.  Everybody in your pack is asleep so maintaining awareness and vigor, and keeping your eyes wide open while everybody is in a sound sleep is necessary.

Why not turn on your playlist and play the right music? You will surely outrun the dreary moments in the morning and sleepy, boring heads during a travel. 

So how music really affects our everyday activity? This video will show you!


Life with Music


You see it right! Music had made everything better from the shower to the gym.

You can sing on top of your lungs and dance insanely in the shower. No one cares, anyway.

And although road trip is already pleasurable with your best buddies in town, music can make it better. You see, everybody will certainly fall asleep in a long travel. BUT, if you play the perfect beat, these sleepy heads will definitely swag.

Ultimately, you became more enthusiastic during the leg day because music makes the training livelier.

What to do?


Organize your playlist. Choose your song. And play it whenever and wherever. Music is your ultimate partner in all your activities because life is better with music.

 Do you agree? If yes, tell us how music improves your life by commenting below.

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