The Impressive Rapping Weatherman

Teh Rapping Weatherman

Morning news provides a gist of the happenings yesterday, the latest news of the day, and a forecast of the future.

Celebrity and federal updates get more attention while weather forecast receives less viewership except if an expected typhoon is coming in the country.

However, someone has made the monotonous weather forecast more entertaining and intuitive. This weatherman did an impressive act to deliver his daily weather news.

Watch here!

Meteorologist Nick Kosir


This guy is Nick Kosir, the weatherman of KMVT CBS 11/ KYWY Fox 14, Idaho. After tweaking the usual boring weather news to a cool rap weather forecast on July 2009, the meteorologist has amassed national attention. He became an overnight sensation for his unique, entertaining, and accurate forecasts.

The Rapping Weatherman had drawn the attention of several International celebrities like Ellen Degeneres and Ryan Seacrest. These icons were wowed of his inimitable rapping style.

His first rapping exposure was followed by more creative rapping weather forecasts. He did rap in 3D and film an epic rap battle with Mother Nature, where he plays the Old Man Winter in the parody.

The Rapping Weatherman created a unique blend of entertainment and information in the media world.

The Rapping Weatherman Enters Vogue


Nick Kosir rapping forecasts were featured on national shows like Inside Edition, FOX's The O'Reilly Factor and MSNBC's The Dylan Ratigan Show. His impressive rapping also made waves on social media and was presented on popular search engines like and

Aside from delivering the latest weather updates, Kosir also shows off his talents worldwide. His rapping prowess had brought him six Press Club Awards including the best light feature and best weather presentation.

Kosir’s love to entertainment and meteorology had made an impressive mishmash flaunting his adeptness on both areas.

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