2-Year Old Jives to Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley

Kid Jives to Elvis Presley

We have seen so many cute toddlers doing adorable acts on Youtube--- singing, dancing, playing instruments, or anything that adults can do.

However, this 2 year-old energetic and hilarious dancing young man has captured us. Get ready for a video of overloaded cuteness.

Watch it here!

Baby William


Wearing his checkered long-sleeve that fits perfectly on his huggable body, William Stokkebroe did the cutest opening number during the Galla Opening 2 on March 2012. He became the center of all attention while he confidently shakes his booty to Jailhouse Rock and sings with the Elvis Presley. Yes, a two- year old kid knows exactly the lyrics than everybody does.

You will not see an ounce of apprehension from him. With confidence, musical inclination, expressions, and artistic gestures, Baby William will never have a problem with girls. He will definitely get the center stage of every dancing competition he will join in the future. 

At a very young age, he already shows professionalism by concluding the jive with a theatrical bow. He receives a euphoric applause from the audiences after. Everybody enjoyed his jive.


The Bloodstream


No wonder why Baby William’s dancing is so pleasant and adorable. It runs in the blood. His parents are Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe. If you don’t know them, well, they are World champions and professional Latin dancers. And they own studie43 in Denmark where they practice.

Baby William is an absolute fan. He religiously watched his mommy and daddy and other dancers practicing. The result is what you see in the video. So adorable!

The video receives over 30 million views since the it was uploaded on March 2012 and has been viewed a million times from fans all over the web.

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  • Little William is adorable! He should be around 5 yrs old now, why haven’t there been amy more video’s of him dancing? I’m his #1 fan & I love to watch him over & over! He gives my day such a lift!! What an adorable kid! Where’s his sister? Doesn’t she dance too? They’d make a cute dancing couple!!

    Irene Mills

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