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Violinist Replicates Super Mario Music and Sound Effects Perfectly

11. May 2016

Before Tetris and the controversial Flappy Bird gets in the vogue, Super Mario was everyone’s favorite game. And among Nintendo Entertainment System’s (NES) video games, this one made to the notch for decades. Who would forget this kind of classic play? No one! This violinist neither.


SuperMario Violin


We found an old yet classy video of a man playing Super Mario Brothers with his violin. However, this is more than the usual renditions you can see everywhere.

Youtubers would commonly sing the hymn but this violinist is more creative and meticulous. Even the sound effects from the jumping, dying, and hitting the blocks are played. He actually replicated the all- time Super Mario Brother music and sound effects through fiddling his favorite instrument--- the violin.

You better witness it firsthand.

Super Mario Brothers Played On Violin


This video gives us a nostalgia of our childhood days.

Do you still remember your old innocent moments playing Super Mario while fighting with your siblings because it’s already your turn? Of course, yes!


The violinist is surely a fandom of the Nintendo Game. He did the entire music scores and the sound effects perfectly, which is actually a bit tricky because Super Mario just veers his direction abruptly. But this guy took the game to a whole new level.

The real-time recording that faultlessly matches the action of Super Mario in the screen is epic. And his white suit is just right for his awesome jaw- dropping performance.

The video was uploaded to Youtube on March 2012 and had amassed over 1.5 million views. Although the video is years older, it’s making rounds over Facebook which again gained the attention of the public.

What do you feel after watching the video? Share us your thoughts in the comment box below.

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