Epic Fluteboxing by Greg Patillo

Greg Patillo

Who says that flute is a boring musical instrument to play? Although only a few people knows how to play wind instruments, here’s one man who had upgraded his way of playing flute through incorporating his beat boxing talent.

Sounds unbelievable? Watch this epic flute boxing by Greg Patillo.

Greg Patillo Fluteboxing


Greg Patillo is more than the common flautist you know. He is more creative by incorporating beatboxing in his music. He was acclaimed  as “the best person in the world at what he does” by The New York Times.

Patillo’s rendition of the flute sound is diversified into different genres including jazz, hip hop, classical music, bluegrass, and Americana. And he had uploaded unique “fluteboxing” YouTube videos that have amassed millions of views from the day of publish.  

Finished both his bachelor and master’s degree from Cleveland Institute of Music, Patillo has started engaging with organizations and groups of his fondness. He became the founding member of the 16th and Mission Thursday Night and Collaborative Arts Insurgency on San Francisco.

Greg Patillo was among of the 21 musicians awarded by the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s “Music under New York” program on 2007. This gave him the official permit to play music on subways.

As a freelancing soloist, you can see Patillo on the streets, parks, and subways sharing his passion to music. He is also a member of PROJECT Trio as a flautist.




PROJECT Trio is an ensemble of music consisting of Greg Patillio (flute), Peter Seymour (double bass), and Eric Stephenson (cello) from Brooklyn, NY. Their music includes original arrangements and compositions associating several styles like jazz, rock, and hip hop. 

Their group has also created a non- profit organization teaching music education, workshops, and concerts in schools.

Greg Patillo and his Fluteboxing prowess is another breed of original classical music of the decade.  

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