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Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Grilled about Love and Sex During a Carpool Karaoke

18. May 2016

Have you seen the latest carpool episode of James Corden? Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato were the latest passengers grilled in a hot seat by the Late Late Night host asking both with some personal stuff, including love and sex.



Wearing a chic white leather jacket, Demi first rides the front seat, followed by Nick at the back. The two were obviously so comfortable together. The singers were friends since their Disney Channel days and are celebrating their decade of friendship this year.

James Corden teased them about falling in love with each other for their 10 years of friendship saying:

'But you two never?... Really? Not even like a 3am pause when you look into each other's eyes and go 'We're not going to do this are we?''


demi lovato and nick jonas car pool


Demi confidently exclaimed “No” saying that she’s more on older guys, like Joe Jonas. She also divulged his best friend’s relationship cycle from dating Miley Cyrus to Selena Gomez then back to Cyrus then Gomez again. But none of these ladies became her official partner.

Jonas revealed that she had a serious relationship with an older singer after bouncing between Selena and Miley.

The three sang “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato after their short naughty conversation.



James Corden curiosity piques over the vintage “purity ring” of the Jonas Brothers. Nick Jonas takes off his ring after having a serious relationship with an adult lady. They made sex together but admits he doesn’t enjoy it.

Just for the sake of sharing, Jonas also shared with Demi and James that he once performed in a gay bar. The worst part is he was chained while performing, which sounds a bit awful for Demi.


demi lovato and nick jonas car pool


Nick also revealed that his brother’s hit song “Cake by the Ocean” talks about sex. The song was born after Joe’s Swedish friend’s asked him of what the phrase “Cake  by the Ocean” means. Then he realized that these European guys seem to interpret it as “Sex on the Beach”.

After singing “Chains” by Nick, the trio started singing Joe “Cake by the Ocean”. And while singing this upbeat song, Nick mimics his big brother's quirky performing style. Only a brother can do the gestures perfectly.



They also performed "Demi’s Stone Cold" which highlighted James Corden’s singing prowess. He is indeed the King of Harmonies as he can do everything from octaves, falsetto, and other blends necessary. He harmonizes with Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas making the show more entertaining.

James wants to collaborate with the singers on their next tour but jokingly said that he might steal the whole show so he needs to back off.

demi lovato and nick jonas car pool

Lovato, Jonas, and Corden enjoyed being buskers for a while. They really made a great harmony while Jonas playing the guitar and Corden beats his artificial drum sets made of plastic containers.

You should not miss this trio as they nailed Heart Attack, Chains Cake by the Ocean and Stone Colds. Watch here!


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