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Justin Bieber Sued for Copyright Infringement for Stealing Casey Deinel’s Vocal Riff

28. May 2016

Justin Bieber


The “Sorry” singer, Justin Bieber, is now facing a copyright violation for allegedly sampling a portion of “Ring the Bell” by Casey Deinel without permission from the original singer.

Casey Deinel, professionally known as White Hinterland, is an indie singer from Portland, Oregon has released the song “Ring the Bell" under her third album “Baby” in 2014.

On May 27, Casey posted on her Facebook a confirmation that her party filed a lawsuit against Bieber and Skrillex camp on using the distinctive opening vocal riff of her song saying:

“As many of you that follow my career and work have already recognized, Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry” copies the vocal riff prominently featured in my song “Ring the Bell.” The writers, producers, and performers of “Sorry” did not obtain a license for this exploitation of my work, nor did they obtain or seek my permission. Yesterday afternoon, I filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement against Justin Bieber and the other responsible parties.”


Casey Deinel


With this incident, Dienel claims his right to a substantial portion from Bieber’s profit from the total sale of the popular song “Sorry”. The jury trial will determine the amount she should get from Bieber. 

Casey Deinel elaborates that her lawyers have sent a letter to Bieber’s camp about the copyright issue after the release of his song, but Justin’s party ignored it.

“Like most artists that sample music, Bieber could have licensed my song for use in “Sorry.” But he chose not to contact me. After the release of “Sorry,” my lawyers sent Bieber a letter regarding the infringement, but Bieber’s team again chose to ignore me. I offered Bieber’s team an opportunity to have a private dialogue about the infringement, but they refused to even acknowledge my claim, despite the obviousness of the sample.”

TMZ had an impromptu interview with Duplo who voiced his stand on the allegation saying that the case is caused by outsight arising from several producers and writers composing the song. Somebody has probably used the tune without proper procedure.

However, after few days, Skrillex, producer of “Sorry”, has already refuted the allegation through Twitter with a video showing how they crafted the riff of "Sorry".

His response to the allegation is short but potent saying “SORRY but we didn’t steal this”. Along with his tweet is a 30- second video manipulating Julia Michael’s voice creating a vocal melody similar to opening riffs of “Ring the Bell”.  Watch below:



Read Casey Deinel’s full Facebook post here:



Justin Bieber has not yet voiced out regarding the lawsuit. Casey Deinel, on the other hand, has not replied to commentaries after her Facebook post.

“Sorry” by Justin Bieber hit the #1 chart after its release in November 2015. The song was interpreted by fans as an apology for his failed relationship with co-singer Selena Gomez.


Compare Justin Bieber and Casey Deinel's music and tell us what you think in the comment box below. 


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