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Taylor Swift Gatecrashes a Fan's Wedding and Performs Blank Space

06. June 2016

Taylor Swift

Despite the breakup humor with long-time partner, Taylor Swift has never got any bitterness. She even crashes a New Jersey’s newlywed reception on Saturday at Brant Beach, New Jersey and performed Blank Space.

Max singer and Kenya Smith were celebrating their wedding with friends and family when Ali, the groom’s sister, hosted the reception saying that “Blank Space” is the best- fitting song for the biggest fan of Tay.

Ali also reminisced the moment when Max and her mom dances to the song. Shortly, his mom died that’s’ why “Blank Space” has been so special to the couple.

Not long after the brief speech from Ali, a surprised personality just got out from nowhere. Everybody was flabbergasted of Tay’s appearance.



Ali reached Taylor Swift on April through a letter stating the wonderful and heart-warming story of how Max and his wife celebrated their legal wedding in his mom’s hospital room. The mother and son also danced to Blank Space before she passed away.

The two collaborated for Tay’s surprise performance, which turned a success.

Taylor Swift has never imagined that her “Blank Space” could become a wedding theme song. She also mentioned that she never ever thought of performing it live at a wedding, too.


"I wanna talk about the fact that when I wrote this song, I never in my life imagined I would be performing it at a wedding," Tay says. 

The couple and the family danced while the singer sings a stripped acoustic version of her award- winning hit.

Aside from her surprise gate crash, Taylor sends them a hand-made special gift card with the lyrics “So It’s Gonna Be Forever, a lyric from “Blank Space” on the card cover.


Taylor may be heart broken now but she had made up the union of Max and Kenya even happier. She even a posted a photo of them on Twitter with the caption “Third wheel” with a smiling face. 


Third wheel ?

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on


Gage Simmons, a cousin, have thanked Taylor in his post saying that the wedding will never forget.

Ali also wrote in one of her posts an overflowing gratitude to Taylor Swift.

"Taylor Swift, you are an inspiration and you have the biggest heart in the world. Your selflessness and desire to be a part of something this special are one of a kind... A day to remember forever! Congrats Max Singer and Kenya Smith! #kenyabelieveit."

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