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Mom and Baby Sing Disney Frozen's Open Doors

07. June 2016

Disney Frozen's Open Doors

Mother and daughter bonding are always the sweetest but this mom and baby from Seattle, Washington did an incredibly cute video that trended worldwide.

Aubrey Marceaux and her adorable daughter Teigan lip sync to Fronzen’s “Open Doors” and surprisingly made waves on the web. The two performed this little cute act at the car, mom as Hans and Teigan as Elsa.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, you should see it now!



After filming themselves singing the song, Aubrey immediately posted the video on her Facebook only for the eyes of her friends and family. After a day of the upload, the video trended on Facebook and got over 100 thousand shares, though she only expected 50 likes from them.

Everybody was telling her to upload it in YouTube so she did. Uploaded on August 7, 2015, the video has amassed over 11 million views up to date and received overwhelming support from fans, especially moms.

Teigan Loves Frozen


Little Teigan loves Frozen so much that she even gets mad when mom sings the part of Elsa. She knew almost all the song in the movie but her favorite is “Open Doors” and the “heart part” as she calls it. It’s actually a part of the song where she and mom do the heart gestures together.


Open Doors


Youtubers enjoyed watching this mom and baby bonding saying that it is such a pure and joyous way to spend time together. And others would love to do it with their future children.

Aubrey and Teigan appeared at Ellen Degeneres and shared their story on how they come up with the adorable video. Teigan also got a surprised Frozen merchandise from Ellen.

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saddat kamyuka on June 12, 2016

Keep on sharing those adoreable sights they turn out to be inspiring

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