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12 Key Steps to Succeed as an Independent Music Artist

24. October 2016

12 Key Steps to Succeed as an Independent Music Artist

The music industry is rapidly changing. New artists are coming in the limelight from nowhere, making new waves of great music and building a huge fan base.

For an independent artist like you, it could also happen. Replicate the success of these artists by following these 12 key steps for success.

1. Find your Strengths


Above anything else, knowing your strengths and skills are pivotal to succeed in your endeavor. Contemplate on things you can offer and areas your can contribute in the music industry.

Apart from having great music, which other musicians claim as well, think beyond and create an edge over the others.

Is there anything you can offer aside from your music? Maybe you love creating videos or organizing events for people. Assess yourself.

By doing so enables you to create and plan a business and career path that revolves around your potentials. It’s also easier to identify tools to use for advancing your music career.

For an instance, if you love creating videos then YouTube is a great platform to start building your music.

Moreover, doing what you love makes everything simple and enjoyable.

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2. Work Hard and Have Fun


Hard work is a consistent requirement for building your career. Ample of opportunities and ways to access thousands of millions of people today are available compared decades ago. You can easily connect, engage, and promote to your market.

However, these are no longer easy at is seems. The accessibility of resources makes people and musicians more competitive. Gone are the days of partying because it was already substituted with sleepless nights to create compelling music.

Despite that, working hard for your music is fun, especially if you are doing what you love.

3. Utilize Existing Resources


Aspiring music artists remains aspirants because they don’t start unless they have everything set. This barrier hinders most independent artists to leverage and step to a new challenging platform.

Start with what you have. Begin in a DIY home studio with affordable gears to start creating your music. With just cheap software, low-end instruments, and the internet, you can start building your career.  

Create music of the highest quality utilizing your existing resources. Don’t wait until you have the budget to rent for a professional recording studio, you’ll never get started.

Start making music, make fans, generate money, buy your gears, and repeat the process. It's a slow progress but is worth it compared to no progress at all.

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12 Key Steps to Succeed as an Independent Music Artist Bluetooth Shower Speaker

4. Hire only if Necessary


As a beginning independent artist, you cannot afford a publisher, manager, or a booking agent. To get their attention, start by building your fan base and work on advancing your career until you can already generate income from your small gigs.

You have to build your identity before you can start generating bucks to hire support. Once you have the budget, don’t immediately plunge into hiring a full team to work for you. Instead, assess your current situation. Identify areas of your business that are running good, falling backward, or too overwhelming to do.

If you believe that hiring a booking agent is necessary to keep up your pace for playing for large venues, perhaps it’s worth it to hire one.

5. Work on your Music and Business Accordingly


If you want to enter the music scene, learn multi-tasking and time management. The reason is simple, you are working as musician and businessman for your company.

Each role has different huge responsibilities and you have to juggle on both everyday. This can be overwhelming but with perseverance and time discipline, you can definitely manage it handy.

People work differently. Others can multitask while others work one at a time. Figure out the best ways for you to do your assignments. Schedule and jot down your activities to have your tasks in place.

6. Tap Different Marketing Channels


The music market is big and diversified. With noise out there, you have to stand out. How? Utilize the internet to your advantage. Start by strategically planning your marketing efforts and tapping different marketing channels.

Start by creating your music website where fans, or even publishers, can find everything they need from you. 

Also, make use of Facebook, TwitterInstagram and YouTube to build your fan base and online presence.


Moreover, start building your e-mail list to stay connected with your fans. 

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However, don’t over commit in building your social presence. Balance your time on music and marketing to maximize your progress as an independent music artist.


12 Key Steps to Succeed as an Independent Music Artist Bluetooth Shower Speaker

7. Branch Out


Yes, you are getting enough income and consistent support from playing in the same clubs over again. Why not branch out a bit? You can play on venues, which you haven’t considered before, like fairs, schools, and parks.

Check for other performers who play on valid venues and try it as well. Branching out gives you access to a larger fan base, where you can find new followers.

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8. Experiment and Incorporate New Genre


Listening to other music genres won’t hurt. You can even learn from other styles and music. Experiment on the melodies and rhythms of these tracks and incorporate it into your music.

Go beyond your particular genre and mix it with new and old styles as it will create unique and profound music.

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9. Utilize Visual Images


Build brand awareness for your music by creating unique and cool logos and graphics. These visual images are necessary for your identity, which you can incorporate in creating press releases, posters, letters, stationeries, business cards, CD covers, and websites.

The same with legendary bands that have recognizable logos, design one for you also.


12 Key Steps to Succeed as an Independent Music Artist Bluetooth Shower Speaker

10. Stop Insanity


As a musician, you will bump into creative ruts. You don’t want to rehearse or create a new music, yet expecting for surefire successes along the way.

While others achieved overnight success, don’t forget that it was the result of years of hard work.

Insanity will stop you from advancing your career. It will hinder you to progress and achieve your desired goals.

Don’t fall into this trap. Challenge yourself to go away from this lunacy and find inspirations to push you away from the creative dead-end. Moreover, develop new music techniques monthly.

11. Practice Gratitude


Building your presence, both online and offline, give you access to people who will help you go up. Aside from music publishers, blog reviewers, college radio, club bookers, and DJ’s, who mentioned or advertised you, are a huge help to your endeavor. That small one act has a huge impact on you as an independent artist.

Thank them. Send them a small thank you gift, a card, or even a shout out on Facebook. You can even place their name on your CD tray.

Gratitude is an essential quality that opens more doors for you so cultivate this virtue.

12. Continue Making Music


Ultimately, continue making music. Even the successful musicians today continuously create music to harness their skills and improve their expertise in the field.

Don’t stop being a musician. Never give deadlines to your victory as there’s no timetable for it. Overnight success, as they call it, are years in the making.  

Develop music, perform regularly, and consistently find ways to make your music business progressing.

Is there are part of you that would die without music? We’ll you are bound to the glare of publicity soon.


12 Key Steps to Succeed as an Independent Music Artist Bluetooth Shower Speaker

These steps would help you advance as an independent music artist. While there is no one-size-fits-all scheme in the music scene today, you can definitely get the attention of the public through hard work and dedication.

Determine your strengths, keep learning, and adapt to new strategies to start building your career as an independent music artist.

Have more tips for independent music artists? Feel free to share it with us. You can also read more tips at our Music blog.

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