11 Royalty-Free Music for Musicians and Video Creators

For video creators, creating engaging video content require a financial investment. At one time, these people need to purchase software and costly music to produce enticing video projects. But big thanks to a host of royalty-free music sites. Video creators and music producers can now produce quality videos and audios without compromising copyright.

These sites are spread across the web and scouring for each would take time. To give ease, we compiled a list 11 of royalty free music for amateur musicians and video creators.

1. ccMixter


ccMixter has a collection of samples and remixes licensed under Creative Commons, which video makers and musicians can use in their own video production or recording. Each submission might fall under specific licenses so it is still best to check details before use.

Registered users are free to download samples and post the final product anywhere they want.

2. Incompetech


Incompetech founder Kevin MacLeod gives you the permission to use his over 2,000 music collections at Royalty free. You are allowed to use his music for YouTube videos, live productions, store, on hold music, streaming sites, or anywhere you wish to.

He has only one simple request for you, put his name on the credit.

3. YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Video Editor

If you are creating a video on YouTube, you can definitely take advantage of YouTube’s library of pre-approved songs. You can add this on your audio track by clicking on the music note’s button at the top right of the YouTube editor.

4. DanoSongs


The royalty free music from Danosongs can be used in all sorts of media, whether it is a video, film, game, or photo slideshow. The instrumental music is displayed at the Danosongs homepage and can be used as a demo by right clicking the mp3 to save.

You can credit the owner by putting “Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com” in the published media.

5. Moby Gratis

Moby Gratis

Moby Gratis has over 150 tracks for free. This requires a simple registration to access the music catalog. Sign up for application to use your desired track and you’ll receive a response within 24 hours.

You are also invited to share the finished product with the moby gratis community.



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6. Free Sound Track Music

Free Sound Track Music

Composers and producers contribute music to Free Soundtrack Music for synchronization licensing and can be used in all sorts of production at royalty-free. Free tracks can be used as long as you include the composer and website link in the credits.

7. Partners in Rhyme

Partners in Rhyme

Since 1996, Partners in Rhyme has been a great source of royalty- free music. You are free to use the track by any means, how big or small the project is.

Partners in Rhyme music collections vary including absolutely positive, uplifting and inspiring, cinematic action, acoustic guitar, and more. Browse through their library, choose your track, add it to your cart, and receive instructions to download your music.

8. PacDV


PacDV has a wide collection of tracks and sound effects for sound designers, filmmakers, music producers, and multimedia developers for free. Although audio clips can be used for commercial purpose, they cannot be redistributed or relicensed.

9. Public Domain 4U

Public Domain 4U

Music at Public Domain 4U is available for public use, however, cannot be sold and relicensed. Contact the music artist to request permission for the use of the track. You will receive more information about the use on their replies.

10. Musopen


With a large collection of royalty-free music, Musopen offers quality resources for musicians, filmmakers, music producer. It includes a search feature by composer, instrument, form, time, and performer.

11. BeatPick


Beatpick is a music licensing shop, where you can purchase royalty-free music and song from the 1950’s to the present anytime. Moreover, they do search and recommend the perfect music for your need at no cost.

Enjoy royalty-free music from this list of 11 generous websites. Did we miss any of your favorites? Share it with us in the comment box.

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  • In addition to these sources www.amazingmusictracks.com is great for cinematic music.

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