3 Biggest Mistakes Every Independent Artist Should Avoid

3 Biggest Mistakes Every Independent Artist Should Avoid

The music industry, like other businesses in the world, has full of ups and downs. While this is true to all, having the initiative to avoid mistakes play a crucial role in your success. As an independent artist, bumping to errors will cause trouble in your career so keeping your eyes wide open to things that may break your profession is one of your huge homework.

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Here are 3 major mistakes you should avoid as an independent artist.

1. Your Motivation


3 Biggest Mistakes Every Independent Artist Should Avoid

Most independent artists don’t know what really their motive is. Understanding it is crucial.

Keep this in mind: You play for music, not for anything else.

Others would start with the very simple goal however as their career progresses the motivation diverts. Instead of sharing music, they totally lose track by basing their success on physical things like the number of fans, website, traffic, sales, and more.

As an independent musician, keeping your motivation as is makes sense for a successful music career.

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2. Audio Quality


3 Biggest Mistakes Every Independent Artist Should Avoid

Reaching your target audiences is now at your fingertip. It becomes easier with the technology available at our hands. The birth of Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Music, and more made it easier for artists to be found.

However, with everyone doing these things, it’s your assignment to stand out from the others. DIY audio has becoming the norm nowadays and creating music at home becomes a practice.

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Making music with an exceptional audio quality will help your music get recognized even more.

If you cannot create good sounding music yourself, the internet made it possible for you to access professional music engineers and producers in just a few clicks.

3. Online Branding


3 Biggest Mistakes Every Independent Artist Should Avoid

Have you started building your brand presence? As an independent musician, of course, you should.

Your online brand presence means a lot to promoters. This means that you need to create a website that has all the details about you as a musician.

While you can post your music on sites like SoundCloud and Bandcamp,  it is still vital that you create a brand website to post your music. This is your one-stop place for your fans and a to-go site for promoters and organizers in case they are interested in getting you for a gig.

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Some musicians don’t invest on music website despite the fact it plays a big role in the success of your career. Here we discussed what should be in your website. Don’t underestimate the power of your online brand.

The above tips are only a fraction of the areas you need to improve as an independent musician. There are a lot you need to do like learning how to market your brand online and offline. But with this few simple tips, we are sure that you will get right on track and succeed as an independent artist.

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If you have anything to share that have boosted your career, feel free to share it with us.

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