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4 Awesome Tips for Effective Song Writing

12. September 2016

4 Awesome Tips for Effective Song Writing

Songwriting style and techniques vary from person to person. Some songwriters embrace inspiration while others are too technical and literal. While there is no exact way to write a truly effective and dynamic song, coming up with useful techniques to scribble relatable and great-sounding music makes sense.

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We cover four different tips to help you write a soothing and valuable song for your listeners.

1. Write Based on the Title


4 Awesome Tips for Effective Song Writing

Writing a catchy lyrical hook or a title is an art. Not everyone has the skill to come up with creative song titles that can catch listeners.

Make sure that the lyrics support the title. It should have a strong and emotional content that set up a sincere mood. Writing a lyric with a sense of release and drama can effectively hook listeners.

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2. Write Based on the Lyrical Concept


4 Awesome Tips for Effective Song Writing

An experience or an idea is a good way to start writing a song. Make sure you capture the feeling and emotion of your concept. Tell the story the way that your listeners could imagine and feel.

Write on a simple yet sharp point of view. Since you don’t have a lyrical hook and just started out with a concept, coming up with an organized and well- articulated idea is a must-have for your music.

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3. Write Based on the Melody


4 Awesome Tips for Effective Song Writing

Beautiful melodies are commodities to any song. It is what your listeners initially remember when they hear your tunes. Make sure you build a lyric around the tune to create a stunning and well-rounded music.

While you honor your melody, don’t let it limit your free- flowing ideas. Music with good melody won’t become a hit if it is made of trash of contents. Compromising your lyrical integrity for the melody is not tolerable. Both factors should come equally liberating.

4. Write Based on the Groove


4 Awesome Tips for Effective Song Writing

A groove or chord progression usually generates an instant song idea. It sets the mood and inspires interesting lyric and melodic ideas. Moreover, it is the first thing can entice people to listen to your songs.

However, do not solely rely on the groove at the expense of your lyric and melody. It is only a part of the whole puzzle, specifically, a part of the arrangement. Focusing on creating a superb groove will make a great music yet a mediocre song.

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While the above four tips are not the only requirements for creating an outstanding song that will draw future collaboration and attract success, following them are surefire ways to craft your unique music.

It is important to leave your comfort zones and try another approach to writing your songs. Test the waters and identify which best works for you. Good luck on your songwriting!

For more tips and ideas, feel free to share in the comment box below.

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