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4 Ways Musicians can Use Facebook Wisely

10. October 2016

Facebook is one of most favorite social media platforms of almost everyone. While it was originally geared for social sharing and interaction, businesses are actually taking advantage of it to promote their products and services . As a musician, you should, too.

Aside from Twitter and Instagram, create your own musician page on Facebook to market your music online. Below are 5 wise ways to use Facebook for your music.

1. Create a Unique Visual Brand


4 Ways Musicians can Use Facebook Wisely

Thousands to millions of musicians are using Facebook today and it’s important that you create a unique FB identity that is easily remembered.

A unique yet simple page URL and appealing avatars can grab your audience’s attention. Use high-quality image for your display photo to represent your band and music accurately.

Make sure to include links to your website in the bio section so audiences can easily access your information when needed.

Therefore, contemplate on your unique visual brand to get started with your Facebook marketing.

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2. Update and Share Posts Regularly


4 Ways Musicians can Use Facebook Wisely

Keep your timeline updated. If possible, make a story within it. Post regular updates about a new album, a behind-the-scene rehearsal, or even some personal cool stuff that can engage your fans.

Don’t bombard your profile with promotional stuff like. “Buy Tickets”, “Get my New Album”, or whatsoever advertisements as these will become eyesores.

While posting personal opinions of everything under the sun, still maintain a daily or weekly theme so fans know exactly when to check your profile for information that interests them.

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Share posts from other pages and people if you lack resources to post. This helps in getting attention from online influencers and their fans.

Keep your profile professional while sharing tidbits of relevant information across the web.

3. Share Photos and Videos


4 Ways Musicians can Use Facebook Wisely


Gone are the days of pure contents. Photos and videos are now mostly shared online so posting visuals that represent and show your music is a must.

A snippet of your rehearsals or a teaser of an upcoming show creates interest, which makes it likable and shareable. Photos of you in action, during a show, or even a selfie with fans are also wise to share on your page.

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4. Reply to Comments and Engage with Fans


4 Ways Musicians can Use Facebook Wisely

Last but not the least, engage with your fans. Take time to reply to comments on your posts. A simple thank you offers a big impact. You can also ask feedback about your previous concerts or even re-share photos they uploaded on your page. These create a positive impression on you as a musician.

Moreover, use Facebook Live to interact with your audiences. Aside from promoting your upcoming shows and concerts or even invite your fans to buy your latest album, use this new FB feature to introduce yourself. You’ll definitely have fun messing around.

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Facebook is a large social media platform that offers grand benefits when used right. Create your page now and start marketing your music.

Feel free to share other Facebook marketing tips in the comment box below to help fellow musicians grow their Facebook network in no time.



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