5 Android Apps Every Musician Should Install Right Now

5 Android Apps Every Musician Should Install Right Now

The mobile advancement has brought opportunities to creative people, most especially for musicians. The days of full studio equipment are almost gone. Good thing, our mobile phones has the capability to create quantifiable audio work.

Thanks to the plethora of clever developers for creating great music mobile applications.

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Here are 5 great apps developed for every musician.

1. Guitar Tuner Free


5 Android Apps Every Musician Should Install Right Now

This app is great for tuning your instruments including bass, guitar, or even ukulele. Included are games and tips to learn musical instruments and metronome. Its intuitive design makes it cool and easy-to-use.

The “professional accuracy for advanced players” and “award-winning audio technology” features of the Guitar Tuner Free are irresistible. No wonder the app gets over 5 million downloads in no time.

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2. RecForge Pro


5 Android Apps Every Musician Should Install Right Now

High-quality sound recording is crucial for musicians. It should sound pristine and clear. While the mobile app cannot match the quality of studio recording, there’s one tool that almost offers a similar deal--- the RecForge Pro.

The RecForge Pro can record in ogg, wav, and mp3 formats and convert audio between each. You can also edit and store the files in the cloud. And improve the music using the array of tools and settings designed in RecForge Pro.

Reminder: Make sure you use the best microphones for your mobile.

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3. DJ Studio 5


5 Android Apps Every Musician Should Install Right Now

You can now mix and match tunes using Android’s DJ Studio 5. This is a simple application for beginners and has options for advanced DJ’s, too. We actually considered this app as the most complete and advanced DJing Android app so far. The disk physics and scratch system are must-tries.

DJ Studio 5 is free so you can learn unlimited without hidden charges, catch, and even advertisements.

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4. Lyrically


5 Android Apps Every Musician Should Install Right Now

Yes, you are a musician but that doesn’t mean you know exactly the lyrics of every song. To avoid forgetting music lyrics, one brilliant developer created the Lyrically. This app has access to over a million songs with its corresponding lyrics.

If ever you only remember the beat, keep on playing and Lyrically can present you the right lines on your mobile screen.

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5. Walk Band


5 Android Apps Every Musician Should Install Right Now

Inspiration struck anytime and anywhere, sometimes during the wee hours or while in a commute to the city. Without an instrument, your song idea won’t work out.

You don’t need to bring your guitar as the Walk band app can do the job. The Walk Band is a creative music app with different digital instruments and multitrack recording you can use in recording your music.

This is a great app to translate your thoughts into sound waves when you’re out. The Walk Band offers great convenience so it’s definitely a must-have for musicians.

There’s no reason for you not to create your music as these apps are accessible and handy. Thanks to these generous and brilliant developers who understand the needs of musicians and created these wonderful applications.

Many mobile applications are available for your use, however, use them with caution. We have handpicked these 5 software because we agree that they deliver what a musician needs. How about you, which music app is your favorite? Share it with us!

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