5 Common Home Recording Mistakes Musicians Should Avoid

5 Common Home Recording Mistakes Musicians Should Avoid

You have your home recording equipment ready and have written your best song. Now, it’s time to record your music at home and set it out for the world to listen.

However, don’t get so excited. Most singers and musicians fall into trap of not getting the in-house recordings right, therefore, their efforts are put into waste. Make sure to avoid these 5 common home recording mistakes to create a better and much-listened music.

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1. Over Using Sound Effect


5 Common Home Recording Mistakes Musicians Should Avoid

Most musicians record their music while totally relying on effects until they overused it. Other used both effects for pre-amp and post- recording, which results in the lack of clarity and quality of the recording.

Reverb is the most over-used effects as it makes the sound more professional or less flat. However, there’s no way to determine the right amount of reverb to use on the recording thus creating the sound slurred and smear.

If possible, record clean to avoid using effects to improve your music.

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2. Using Cheap Cables


5 Common Home Recording Mistakes Musicians Should Avoid

The cable you use for connecting all the recording equipment and computer has a big influence on the sound output. Cheap cables can give unwanted distortion and add up to the horrible mix of your tunes.

You don’t need to buy expensive cables for a perfect recording. Just be careful in choosing your equipment and test it before the purchase so you can get the right fit for you. Also, avoid discounted cables as it also discounts the quality of your music.

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3. Relying on a Single Set of Speakers


5 Common Home Recording Mistakes Musicians Should Avoid

One of the biggest mistakes musicians do is using a set of speaker to do all kinds of recording work thinking that it would be consistent with the other sets. Honestly, they don’t.

In order to test your mix, whether it’s too weak or strong, using different types of speakers is a must. Use iPod headphones, computer speaker, a car stereo, a Bluetooth shower speaker, or any equipment most people use to test the sound.

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4. Improper Intonation


5 Common Home Recording Mistakes Musicians Should Avoid

If you are using string instruments for your recording, take the time to tune your strings accordingly so it can produce a clean, accurate, and warm music. Moreover, use different strings during the rehearsal and recording. A brand new string on the recording is much advisable.

Hold straight your guitar so that the guitar neck creates a good and accurate sound as what you expect.

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5. Recording without Distortion


5 Common Home Recording Mistakes Musicians Should Avoid

Most musicians want a loud output signal yet don’t agree with the fact that it could lead to distortion of the final recording. While you can make your recordings quiet, it’s almost impossible to make it louder and clearer. It always ends up to the distortion of the final output.

This mistake is costly so don’t ever neglect it.

Recording your music is fun but if you are up to professionally building your music career, don’t overlook these mistakes. Start recording your music in the house and create a quality music that your listeners and fan would love as if it was recorded in a professional recording studio.

Have some tips to share to avoid these mistakes? Feel free to send us a message below.

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