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5 Cool Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2016

14. November 2016

5 Cool Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas Bluetooth shower speaker

The season of giving is fast approaching. As early as now, search for gift items to send your family and friends. While it could be a bit daunting, it’s all worth the effort to dig beyond the common and seek the unusual to provide the most beautiful and perfect gift packages for your loved ones.

To help you get ready for the gift-giving, we write down in a list our top 5 cool tech gift ideas for the season. These are getting too much attention recently so you must keep an eye on them, too.

1. Bluetooth Shower Speakers

5 Cool Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas Bluetooth shower speakers

People love and enjoy listening to music. If you know someone who shares the same interest like any other, send him a Bluetooth shower speaker.

This cool gadget offers unmatched listening experience. The durability and flexibility of the device allow you to stream to music in the shower or the beach. There is no way to miss your favorite track as you can always listen to it wherever you go.

The SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker is sturdy, portable, and waterproof so you can bring it anywhere and anytime while keeping the joy of listening to music alive. Get it here!

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2. Fitness Tracker


5 Cool Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Another cool tech gift idea for a tech enthusiast this Christmas is a Fitness tracker. This small and innovative gadget helps you track your workout activities, distance run, heart rate, floors climbed, calories burned, steps, and active minutes. It also provides you the details of your sleeping activity.

Aside from monitoring your fitness journey, most fitness tracker can receive phone calls and messages, which is a great additional feature to take advantage today. Get it here!

3. VR Headset


5 Cool Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas Bluetooth shower speakers

The year 2016 has released a torrent of new and innovative technologies and this includes the VR headset. While the idea of Virtual reality is not new at all, people are still getting interested and excited about the benefits and advantages offered by the technology.

Most VR headsets are lightweight and easy to navigate. You can also experience much more with VR headset as it allows you to explore the virtual life while playing computer or mobile games. Get it here!

4. Wi-Fi Range Extender


5 Cool Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas Bluetooth shower speakers

People now become reliant on the internet. Almost all activities like researching homework, finding a recipe guide, or even checking the latest weather bulletin can be generated in just a click with the internet.

But limited internet access would deny these benefits. A good Wi-Fi Range Extender can easily increase your connection range. Plug it into the wall outlet, wait for a minute or two, and enjoy an increase in your Wi-Fi range. Keep browsing the web. Get it here!

5. Digital Camera


5 Cool Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas Bluetooth shower speakers

And last but not the least on the list of cool tech ideas this Christmas is the digital camera.

Sometimes you need a superb camera to capture happy moments with special people. But a phone camera is not enough. Well, a digital camera can do the job for you.

There are good digital cameras that won’t break your pocket. Just keep an eye on them and you will get what you deserve. Get it here!

These 5 tech gift ideas for the season are the most common and in demand items to send your family, friends, and loved ones. You don’t have to spend too much and rip your back account because these gift ideas are priced reasonably.

Here at SpeakStick, we have collections of cool Bluetooth speakers for the shower. You can choose from our different cool colors and select the type you want depending on your activities.

Feel free to browse our SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower speaker here.

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