5 Effective Ways to Get Music Gigs

5 Effective Ways to Get Music Gigs

More and more musicians and bands are working their way to get known and recognized in the music industry. This only means that the competition is becoming stiff day by day and getting music gigs becomes increasingly daunting. With more supply of musicians than gig demands, it is way difficult to get your name out there.

However, don’t just easily give in. Although you have lot competitors, find ways to make your music the best option over the others. These 5 ways will help you generate music gig in the long run.

1. Call your networks

5 Effective Ways to Get Music Gigs

As a new musician, exposure is important. However, looking where to show your talent is tough. You can start by connecting with your existing contacts as they could somehow make opportunities for your first gig.

Is your friend hosting events? Call him and ask if you could play on his next affair. Connect with radio stations; they may give you a slot to play your music. Or if someone’s having a big birthday, ask if you can perform for them for free. Although these are small and local activities, you will for sure get recommendations or meet quality musicians to connect with.

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2. Contact local venues

5 Effective Ways to Get Music Gigs

List down local venues that you think are open for live music events. You can start by contacting music cafes, live venues, and clubs. You can connect through their Facebook page, by Google, or check their website for their contact details.

After you got the details, introduce yourself as a musician and inquire if they are still open for new bands and artists to play for them.

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3. Connect with promoters

5 Effective Ways to Get Music Gigs

If you want to play on music events, find and connect with promoters and event organizers.  Make a list of live music venues nearby and check music promoters that hold the event. You can also join recurring activities in your area. This enables you to easily connect with these people.  

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4. Join “support” opportunities

5 Effective Ways to Get Music Gigs

Local venues and promoters will surely book big artists and bands to play for them. Usually, these bands need support acts before they show up on stage. Although some of them bring their support acts, others just don’t. Instead, open a slot for bands that are willing to perform.

This is a great opportunity you should grab. Aside from playing in front of a big crowd, you will also find new networks that could open bigger opportunities for you.

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5. Join competitions

5 Effective Ways to Get Music Gigs

Take advantage of the free exposure from cultural hubs and non-profit organizations as they hold band tournaments and band meet-ups. Connect with these local hubs and if possible join existing tournaments and competitions that fit your genre.

Participate in these events as they are good sources of experience and exposure.

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Persistently engage yourself with these activities and you will surely reap the fruit of your labor anytime soon. The result may not be instant but will eventually help your progress to achieve your goal of getting consistent gigs.

Are there other ways you do to get consistent gigs? Share with use through the comment box below.


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