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5 Essential Components for Your Home Studio

28. June 2016

5 Essential Components for Your Home Studio


Are you planning of setting up your home studio? If you are just starting up and want to have a DIY music recording in your home, pricey gears and components are not yet essentials.

You can do the recording in a measly silent room in your house using few yet basic gears to record, edit, and manipulate your music. You may be surprised of this list, but I guarantee that you can always start and finish your digital recording the way you want it.

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Computer Set or Laptop


5 Essential Components for Your Home Studio

First in the list is a computer set or laptop. You can use whichever is available or you are capable of using.

Consider a PC that has a bigger RAM storage to hold and store all your music recordings. As early as the first day, expect for your storage to instantly burst red so its best if you have an external hard drive to save your files.

Saving your files in an external hard drive really helps especially for an unexpected PC crash.

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Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)


5 Essential Components for Your Home Studio


DAW is an essential program you need to record, edit, mix, and master your music. Software like Cubase, Live, Pro Tools, Sonar, Audition, and Studio One are good choices. However, we suggest that you buy the most compatible program with your computer, and of course, your budget.

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Audio Interface


5 Essential Components for Your Home Studio


Audio interface converts analog sound to digital signals. Although most DAW’s works perfectly with any audio interface brands, it’s important that you restrict yourself to two channel interfaces only. Limitless options of audio interface complicate your choice but just stick to this one simple rule--- buy what you need.

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Studio Microphone


5 Essential Components for Your Home Studio


Microphones are important as it converts your sound recordings into an electrical signal helping you record and edit better. But if you are just working singly and tracking instruments separately, then one or two microphone suffices.

Hundreds of quality brands are available on the market, but as a beginner, you don't need to spend more than $200 for a microphone, except if you prefer a specific brand for a certain reason.

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5 Essential Components for Your Home Studio


Make sure to listen to your music after the final edit using other music gadgets like a portable speaker to check if your earphone did positively or negatively affect the mixes. If you feel the need of buying a new headphone, go ahead but don’t spend too much.

Since you are just beginning to record at home, starting small and simple is fine. You don’t need to buy expensive component instantly. The more you do the DIY recordings, the more you discover mixes and strategies to make your music sound better. That means you don’t need to spend extra or add more gears. Just have fun with your work. 

If you think you did well on your recording, you can now upload and submit your music to these eight music websites to promote your music.

Did we miss any essential component for your home studio recording? Feel free to share your comments below. 

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Comments (2)

Alan Das on July 18, 2016

I believe it will always be good to have a decent pair of studio monitors connected to the recording/playback system. the POWERED/ACTIVE monitors should come tuned with a decent flat frequency response of 50hz to 20hz this will keep you mix and recording in the correct dynamic range with generally sounding good on all your playback devices. Monitors suggested at reasonable prices with professinal specification are; http://ehomerecordingstudio.com/best-studio-monitors/

Chris Peppitt on July 16, 2016

GOod adviCe given on the key 5 components! i would also like to add the importance of good qualityy audio/INTERFACE caBles- go for balanced XLR/TRs Type and use a DI box (ground Lift) when recording noisy instruments (mains hum). You’ll THANK YOURSELF for the small additional outlay :)

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