5 Things Every Band Website Should Have

5 Things Every Band Website Should HaveYou have released your first music, contacted promoters within your area, and ready to show the world what you’ve got. However, is that all enough? Have you created your band’s website to showcase your talent, music, and gigs? If not yet, create a friendly and press-ready website that showcases your music.

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We know that you have great music. Make sure that journalists and promoters see it. Unfortunately, in reality, they can’t. These people are busy and they receive tons of e-mails daily. Make it easy for them to sift through your profile by creating a simple and compelling website.

Here are 5 things your website should have that journalists and promoters want to see.

1. Your Band’s Brief Biography


5 Things Every Band Website Should Have

Write about your band. Make sure it showcases your strengths, achievements, and influencers. Include the calendar of your listings and tour dates. Your biography should be simple and concise and must include your latest contact details for easy access and communication.

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2. Future Tour Dates


5 Things Every Band Website Should Have

Most bands tend to forget this one special thing but this is something your website should have. Music journalists and promoters would check on you future tour dates and will surprisingly see you during your schedule to get a sense of your music. This help them assess if you are worthy of their time.

These people look closely to your site than your social media account so make sure that these details are ready and waiting on your page.

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3. Music Snippets


5 Things Every Band Website Should Have

Your music samples are actually prerequisites in your website. Make it available for your visitor’s ears. This doesn’t mean you include your entire album. A 30- minute’s snippet of your tracks will do.

Having these embedded on your site gives you more advantage than the others who don’t have.

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4. Band Photos


5 Things Every Band Website Should Have

Take high-resolution photographs of your band while on a practice or gig. If possible, choose and post the photos that highlight your band’s live performance.

Photos are visual representations of how you play your music on-stage so make them available in your site. Some music journalists feature local bands in their entertainment feeds and magazine. A downloadable photo is a great advantage.

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5. Social Media Accounts


5 Things Every Band Website Should Have

Your social media accounts play vital roles in the success of your website. Although it isn’t the primary thing promoters look at, it’s a wise option to link your social media account to your site.

Promoters and journalists share and publish new stories and announcements in their social media accounts. If they know where to find you, they will definitely tag you. This gives you more visibility that can possibly grow your network in less time.

You can start building your account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube now. They are free. 

Your website serves as your band's portfolio. Make sure it’s simple and complete and includes all the details about your band. Having the above information available will help your grow your music in no time. Ultimately, create a website that is user-friendly and responsive for the ease of people checking your page.

Do you have other tips to share with us? Leave your comment below. 

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