5 Things Every Bar Cover Band Should Do to Succeed

5 Things Every Bar Cover Band Should Know to Succeed

You probably have a gig once in a while but are they enough? Of course, as a musician, you should need to create a consistent stream of income that will help afford your everyday expenses.

Remember, learning to get gigs is important but getting a consistent gig is another side of the story. 

To get consistent and better-paying gigs and to become a successful bar cover band, coming up with concrete guidelines for your band is necessary.

We have listed here 5 of the major aspects you, as a bar cover band, should fairly practice and apply for every gig you go. These are actually hacks from bands that succeeded before you.

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1. Create a Concrete Set List


5 Things Every Bar Cover Band Should Know to Succeed

A set list can make or break your show. Having this on your side helps your band progress smoothly, without making delays and dead-air, during the show.

Although this is a fundamental practice for most musicians, others tend to neglect or totally forget to do this job.

A set list when done correctly dictates the mood and feel in the room. Using medleys and segues also keep the crowd engaged.

While this cannot be done perfectly on the first try, it’s necessary that you keep on practicing and tweaking until you come up with the best set list.

2. Learn to Sound Check


5 Things Every Bar Cover Band Should Know to Succeed

A live music show requires a professional sound man to work on the sound check. Usually, most engineers sound check in sequence. As a musician, always practice respect and patience during these moments.

A professional sound man has probably worked with several bands so they know exactly how a band reacts and responds to their practices.

If you need anything to be tweaked, asked them politely.

3. Follow Set Times


5 Things Every Bar Cover Band Should Know to Succeed

Since you are working with someone else, following strictly a set schedule is necessary. There are reasons why you need to play at different hours. Make sure you respect whatever the operator’s venue has to dictate you.

Do all personal things during the break so you can come back on the time when you are supposed to play. Doing these only shows that you are serious at work and this is what most employers look for a band.

4. Choose the Right Songs


5 Things Every Bar Cover Band Should Know to Succeed

Picking the right songs is necessary for every bar cover band. Don’t be too selfish in choosing your song. Make sure to pick the music that your audiences will enjoy.

Although you won’t please everyone that will enter the room, focus on the majority of the audiences who wants to listen to your song.

One important advice: You are not playing for yourself; you are playing for your listeners. So, pick up a set of song that everybody would love to jam.

5. Engage with the Crowd


5 Things Every Bar Cover Band Should Know to Succeed

Engaging with your audiences sets up the mood in the room. You can greet birthday celebrants, interview anyone in the crowd, take a selfie with them, or even ask someone to share the stage with you. These simple engagement activities make a huge difference and totally create more fun during the show.

Making the crowd happy and engaged simply means making your employer happy. With this, you will probably get a return client who will ask you to play for them on a consistent schedule. Having a steady gig means you have succeeded.

Feel free to follow above gigs. If you have other tips that have helped in your success. Feel free to share it with us below.

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