5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Musicians

Twitter Marketing Tips for Musicians

Social media has a huge impact to promote your music and one of the best platforms to use is Twitter. Almost 50% of musicians are being followed on Twitter so take advantage of its popularity to maximize your exposure.

We have told you some surefire ways to promote your music through Instagram. Now, let’s tap into the power of Twitter in promoting your music. Here’s what you can do.

1. Find your Audience


5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Musicians

Different genres have different demographic groups to target so it’s best to understand who should be part of your fan base.

During your show, observe the people who support and listen to your music. From there, you’ll find the right people to reach on Twitter.

Twitter is a big social media platform and it may become difficult for you to target a specific bunch of following if you don’t know who you are really up to.

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2. Create a Personal Account


5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Musicians

Keep a balance between your professional and personal life. Your band’s Twitter account was created to inform your fans about your music,show, or behind the scenes of your new music video.

Don’t mess your professional Twitter account with personal opinions and liberal attitude. While this may hype engagement, since people love talking about these issues, it won’t give you any merit.

Instead, create your personal profile to express yourself and your views. This is also advisable for Twitter accounts that have multiple admin or band members updating the social.

3. Engage with Users


5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Musicians

Just like in any other social platforms, you should also interact with your followers. Engagement is key in growing your fan base and to achieve the support of your audiences.

Selectively retweet posts from your colleagues and fans. Respond to questions and talk with them online.

Bring your audiences to your account by retweeting their tweets as long as it is relevant to your music. Technology and music news spark the interest, too, so share these topics once in a while.

If you are playing for events and functions, a good number of inquiries can be generated through Twitter so it’s worth being active on this platform.

4. Use Hashtags


5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Musicians

You don’t have to figure out the trending topics of the day as Twitter does the work for you.  Trends and most talked topics are already displayed and accessible on Twitters dashboard.

Depending on your band’s image, get involved and begin to interact on topics that best portray you. Whether you like it or not, you should! Chances are twitter users will see your tweets and join the discussion.

Respond to messages and favorite those comments as much as possible. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags for your post, too!

5. Find Inspirations


5 Twitter Marketing Tips for Musicians

Check bands of common niche that’s on Twitter before you. They could have probably amassed a huge number of following for some time. Check them out and see how they use their Twitter.

Make them as your example while still beginning your Twitter marketing until you have created new and unique strategies that are well-suited to your band’s needs.

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At grass root levels, these marketing tips will surely help jumpstart your career in the music industry. Once you have implemented these techniques with other proven and effective strategies, you’ll definitely skyrocket and gain the following and support you wish to create.

Help bands and musicians build their Twitter following. Share us the number 1 Twitter strategy that helped you grow your network on the platform. Comment below.


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