5 Ways to Grow E-mail List for Musicians

5 Ways to Grow E-mail List for Music Bands

Growing your identity in the music industry is a must so it’s also indispensable to work on a marketing to help prolong and improve your online presence.

Your social media pages could surely help. The question is how long? Just like Myspace that vanished easily after years in the juggernaut, Facebook and other social sharing sites might also face the same. You cannot afford to lose those thousands of visitors and fans, right? In order to keep those treasures, make them sign up to your e-mail list.

Here are 5 surefire ways to grow your band’s email list without spending a centavo.

1. Add an Email Sign Box on your Music Page


5 Ways to Grow E-mail List for Music Bands

We’ve discussed the importance of creating a website for your band. Aside from being your online face to promoters and possible collaborators, it can also help in building your e-mail list so take advantage of its benefits. 

Place an email sign up box on your landing page or at any prominent space on your website. Having this available on those pages offer the possibilities of gaining more e-mail address.

2. Send your Fans a Gift in Exchange for their Email Address


5 Ways to Grow E-mail List for Music Bands

Creating an e-mail list is not only a single way communication. Your fans shared their e-mail addresses so you must give something in return.

Similar to other email marketing programs, send your subscribers a gift. Give them access to your best songs or an eBook or PDF of your recording diaries, which they can download for free.

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3. Highlight your Email Sign Up on your Merch Booth


5 Ways to Grow E-mail List for Music Bands

Grab the opportunity to introduce your e-mail listing to your fans during a show or a concert. Print out a copy of your call-to-action and paste it in front of your merch booth. Share and even announce it after your show.

Make sure to post this signage in your booth visible to most people.

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4. Use Social Media


5 Ways to Grow E-mail List for Music Bands

Turn your social media fan base into email subscribers. Invite them to sign up to your newsletter in exchange for a special gift.

Invite your social media following to subscribe to your listings. This is proven to be an effective way to build your newsletter subscribers, however, don’t be so excited about sharing the information as it may appear spammy. 

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5. Write Great Content


5 Ways to Grow E-mail List for Music Bands

Make it a habit of writing a regular blog post on your website. This could be on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

Writing regular posts help in growing your subscriber's list. Share high-quality contents which your readers can’t resist to share.

Aside from improving your list with your current fan base, you’ll also get an access to more people when your fans share your posts.

Don’t forget to put an email sign up box after every blog post.

Growing your newsletter subscribers is necessary to keep your momentum as a music artist. Although this doesn’t come in handy, you will for sure achieve your desired result after some time with hard work and dedication.

Follow above ways to successfully grow your e-mail list. If you have tried other effective techniques, feel free to share below to help your fellow musicians.


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