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5 Ways to Promote Your Music Online

05. September 2016

5 Ways to Promote Your Music Online

Your music should be heard. To make it possible, tap the power of the Web. The internet is fast-growing. More and more people are using the web to promote their business, grow their network, and generate income. As a musician, you should take advantage of it, too.

Here are 5 ways to promote your music online.

1. Social Media


5 Ways to Promote Your Music Online

These days, if you aren’t on Twitter or Facebook, it’s like your band doesn't exist. Never neglect the power of social media in promoting your band. Sign up on these platforms and start promoting your music. 

Make sure to indirectly promote your music by posting conversational, funny, and interesting stories that your fans would engage. As a rule, 80% of your posts should be interesting and engaging and the rest 20% is left in the promotion.

Make updates of your activities. Tell your stories, share photographs of your tours, and post snippets of your songs. Your fans will definitely interact with these kinds of posts.

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2. Music Blogs


5 Ways to Promote Your Music Online

It’s good to share stories and updates to your fans but it is way better to start creating a new fan base. Reach out to new audiences and convert them to your supporters by working with bloggers.

A ton of blogs within your dedicated niche is available anywhere on the web. Vet these blogs, reach out, introduce yourself, try to make a relationship, and collaborate.

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3. Music Collaborations


5 Ways to Promote Your Music Online

Collaborating with other music artists is mostly neglected by musicians. But it shouldn’t be the case. By doing this, you introduce your music to another group of people, which you can turn as your fans soon. Only collaborate with artists that have common fan base demographics and genre with you.

You could work together in an album or a cover song for your YouTube channels. Always link each other’s website to have an exchange of fans. This is a win-win strategy for music artists.

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4. E-mail Marketing


5 Ways to Promote Your Music Online

E-mail marketing is a viable way to promote your music and generate income. People who have listed themselves on your email list are definitely interested in your tunes and want to hear them. Take advantage by sending them e-mails about your upcoming tour schedules, albums,merchandise and tickets.

Moreover, include links to your website. The more traffic you get, the more reliable you are to promoters.

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5. Live Music Promotion


5 Ways to Promote Your Music Online

Although online marketing is effective these days, live music promotion plays an important role. You can easily record music, promote, distribute, and perform live on the web but it lacks engagement and personal interaction.

Interaction with your fans and collaboration with new music artists are extremely necessary if you want to boost your career in the music industry.

Live music promotion is not totally about your performance. It’s about meeting new people to help you grow as a music artist. You can also use your gigs to promote new albums, songs, and music.

The more you do this, the bigger you grow your network from one city to another. Work with local bands and help promote each other by playing in each other’s town when there’s a schedule.

Promote your music using above promotional strategies to gain more fans and supporters. Your success won’t happen overnight but you’ll definitely get big in less time.

Any other promotional strategies you want to share with us? Leave us comments below.

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Stephen on May 03, 2017

There are also a number of tools you can use to advertise your music. I have a tool http://www.spottymail.co,uk. it allows you to promote your music via email and you can design a nicely promoted html email with links to spotify previews. it is forwarded form your own email lists so you know it doesn’t end up in a spam folder.

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