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20 Best Things a Traveller Should Do

08. December 2015

Have you tried travelling and going to places alone? How does it feel? Most people love travelling. Admittedly, it’s a way to find your soul, rejuvenate, and recharge. Of course, after long day’s work, it’s important to take care and treat yourself. And travelling is one way to enjoy your life.

Some like to travel alone, others in a pair or by group. Whatsoever means you want, thinking like a real traveller is important.

What are the things you should do while travelling?

Consider the fact that you’re travelling alone (or by group), below reminders are necessary to fulfil your passion as a traveller. Without doing so, you may just be considered as a vacationist.

1. Learn new things from the place, even just learning their local language. That would help you enjoy and understand the place and culture.

2. Experience what’s in it and be open- minded, but make sure to trust your intuition. Be careful.

3. Your dad and mum are worried (and sometimes jealous). Give them a phone weekly.

4. Stay in a hostel than in a hotel. You’ll save a lot from there. Moreover, you’ll meet new people and travellers like you. Be friends with them.

5. Do more travelling and less of drinking.

6. Volunteer and help. Being with the less fortunate people may change your mindsets and beliefs. That’s the best experience you can gain from travelling.

7. Think of today! Stop worrying what will happen tomorrow. Take charge of yourself always.

8. Think of this: You are lucky. You’re learning something new from your everyday experience as a traveller. Most people want to travel but they can’t because of some concerns---- work, money, sickness.

9. Try new foods and embrace new delicacies. Go to the local market and buy some foods. Do not be contained to noodles. You don’t want to bring home a rectal cancer souvenir.10. Explore places within that new country. Take time to visit places, and most importantly, people.

11. Trust yourself and make decisions wisely. Be confident.

12. Keep calm and focus. Don’t worry about at home. They are alright there.

13. Enjoy travelling alone. You’ll discover more about yourself and about the world.

14. Take good photographs of people, places, and you.

15. Respect everyone you meet. Don’t judge them.

16. Planning is good. But for a traveller, going with the flow is better.

17. Don’t bring all your stuff. Just get some pairs of jeans and blouses (and underwear), which you can use for the next six month.

18. Do things you haven’t done before. You’ll be amazed of yourself.

19. Bring good music with you.

20. Seize every day of your travelling life and appreciate every moment you have. There are ups and down… so be it. It really happens. Just learn from them.

Try the above things and make your travel more enjoyable and valuable. Move from one place to another, explore the country, and enjoy being on the road.

Be a real traveller, not a visitor or vacationist.

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