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How Do Music Works as an Ultimate Therapy?

08. December 2015

Amy Grant has inspired so many people with her songs. Grant is a singer and songwriter who have won Grammy award six times. She have received 26 Dove awards and sold 30 million albums. Until present, Amy Grant remains to be one of the top- selling Christian artists.

Starting his career as a singer and songwriter, Grant achieved the No. 1 spot on the pop chart. She was considered as the first contemporary speaker, who hit the highest spot of the chart. Her success was triggered by her spiritual underpinnings and musical roots.

Grant describes the world of pop culture as a place full of mirrors and smoke, where people know the games, silliness, and protocols practised within. Despite the ups and downs in her career, being focused on the way she processes music helps her pursue a creative direction. And this made her feet kept on the ground.

“For me, music was therapy. Always. And I was kind of always trying to figure out life”, said Grant. Whatever circumstances she have gone through, she make sure to stay grounded, and that is because of her creative process of appreciating things. Having a very supportive family inspires her to create inspiring music. Ultimately, it gives her the reward of having a multi- platinum career.

Grant is happy to know that her fans love her music. She really aims to connect with the people through her words.

Her new album, “Be Still and Know…Hymns of Faith” was inspired by her reflection on the meaning of being still and her love to wordless prayer. Grant says, “Just from a production standpoint, the one thing that I kept front and center, just as creating a musical palette — I kept reminding myself and the people I was working with — ‘I want this to feel like it’s for an audience of one.’” She creates music for everyone with a singular purpose.

Grant and Gill

Amy Grant’s latest music was produced by his husband, Vince Gil. Her latest album was featured on the “Rock of Ages” track in a duet by the couple. She admits that her family is a happy and creative bunch that read things and thoughts between the lines. Their daughter has also this musical inclination that will keep Grant and Gill on their toes.

Being able to manage both family moments and career, Grant continuously write songs to show her thoughtful style that offers her audiences a rare opportunity to reflect. She highlighted that there is a difference in the way music approached people’s lives before than today. Music thirty years ago has less opportunity to connect people but offers more and real solitude. But today, with the existence of social media, people have lost track to what music is. She believes that media has grabbed both the attention and time of people, leaving no space for music to come in.

Through her creativity, Grant wants to retrieve the real essence of listening to music while making people reflect and realize how music works as a therapy.

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