How Do Sad Music Makes People Happy?

Sad music affects people’s emotions. Some feel distressed and frustrated while others enjoyed listening to sad- sounding music. According to John Elton, sad songs say a lot. And a predilection to this kind of genre has something to tell about the listener.

Several studies were conducted to identify reasons why people love sad songs. In a study made by Professor Huron, a visiting academic at NSW University, it showed that people who enjoyed sad music gets a higher score on empathy in the personality test. They also scored high on openness and agreeableness. Fifty percent of the total sample population likes listening to sad music, and 10 percent says they enjoy it.

Music with acoustical qualities turns a human voice sad. Others would tend to respond sadly as if they were with a sad person--- they feel compassionate.

According to professor Huron, being compassionate reflects a positive emotion. In contrary, those people who are less empathetic listens to music as sad, and pity themselves.

David Robertson, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s artistic director and the chief conductor said that music has great effect to people’s emotions and feelings. Every song corresponds to a situation they have gone through in the past. For an instance, listening to sad music tears a broken- hearted so much. They can reminisce things from the past that made them cry and restless. On the other hand, sad songs can move people to act and react positively on certain situations.

"A concert is one of those moments when you go in and you are moved uniquely," said Robertson.

You can see different expressions from audiences after the performance. Audiences may feel glorified and awed. They may also feel a sense of intimacy and utter. Some would feel nothing. In just a single concert or a single song, people would react positively or negatively depending on the way they perceive the message.

On Wednesday, the SSO will perform at Sydney Opera House the Beethoven's Missa Solemnis or solemn mass. They are busy rehearsing for the upcoming event. The composer said that the Beethoven's Missa Solemnis is his “greatest work”. This piece is rich with messages that invite the audiences to come back and listen to the song all over again. You can find a variety of things in it, which implies that a song has different impact to our lives at different times and circumstances.

Emery Schubert, an Associate Professor from the University of NSW, conducted a research about music and emotions. Music influences the way we feel through the manner we see it. Examples are movies with a chase scene with pulsating and fast music, or a love scene with gentle and slow music playing in the background.

Researched have shown that music has a direct impact to our lives. Sad music has also a great contribution to the way we react to situations and circumstances. It is also clear that sad- sounding music implies negative experiences, but it also reveals the positive side of a person.

The most important thing of all is the way you manage yourself to manipulate and control your moods and emotions with music.

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