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Adele Excites the World with Her 30 seconds New Song Snippet

08. December 2015

“Hello, it’s me / I was wondering if after all these years / you’d like to meet to go over everything / they say that time’s supposed to heal ya / but I ain’t done much healing ...”.

Those lyrics flashed up during the British X Factor ad Break last Sunday. It was accompanied by simple piano chords with a familiar voice singing the lines. People say it was Adele. Without any name, face, or dates disclosed, everybody already guesses about the upcoming Adele song to release anytime this year.

Just minutes after the teaser, fans started to speculate and debated about it. It appears that Adele teases audiences with a snippet of her new album. Netizen’s opinions erupted online and re-tweet the video from the X- Factor Ad break. Many are too excited for the release.

Following her debut album and sophomore album, Adele’s new song touts for a release this November 20.

Her sophomore album, “21” became the best-selling album of the millennium in the UK. While the 21’s Tales of Love and Heartbreak tops the chart of more than 30 countries. Inspired by her break- up, the song sells 11 million copies just in the United States. Her emotional performance of “Someone like You” in Brit Awards on 2011 became memorable in the UK.

Musicians and producers like Ryan Tedder, Danger Mouse, Damon Albarn, Max Martin, and Tobias Jesso Jr. have collaborated in the recording of this most awaited untitled album of the singer. Adarn said that the album is in the “very middle of the road” already.

Adele and Her Singing Career

Adele gained her international success and wins the Grammy award with her soulful sound.

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, famously known as Adele, grew up with a passion to music. She was attracted by the songs of Mary J, Destiny’s Child, and Lauryn Hill until she learned about Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald. At age 15, she got a collection of James and Fitzgerald records at a junk shop, which opened her eyes to music.

The Etta and Ella album inspired Adele, “I was like, oh, right, some people have proper longevity and are legends. I was so inspired that as a 15-year-old I was listening to music that had been made in the 40s."

In 2006, Adele presented her three- track demo school project and uploaded it on her MySpace account. Eventually, the XL Recording executives learned about her tracks and contacted the singer. Four months after she graduated in High School, Adele signed her first record deal with the XL recording.

Later after her discovery, she had her first album “19”, which became a hit in early 2008. It is followed by her next album “21”, which became a monster hit after its release and sold out 352,000 album copies in the first week.

Adele is undeniably a great and talented singer. This is no wonder why people are too excited for the release of her next album, which is expected to create another monster hit after the release.

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