21 Years old Bradley Warwick Plays Music with Eyes

Bradley Warwick to join an orchestra and plays music with his eyes.

Warwick, with cerebral palsy, has gained the attention of the media and other people around when he was spotted at several auditions playing ground bass with his EyeGaze communication device.

Bristol judges were amazed by Warwick's musical abilities, which brings him to be part of the South West Open Youth Orchestra. The Youth orchestra is the first UK regional team to bring together both disabled and able- bodied musicians on the stage.

Warwick said, " I was thrilled to be selected for the South- West Open Youth Orchestra. I'm hoping to make a career with music."

The 21-year-old man has a passion to music, yet cannot play to his extent because of the disability he had since birth. Fate and technology come in to aid the needs of Warwick. He was introduced to EyeGaze software, which allows him to play music through monitoring his gaze. Music keys are played once he looked at it.

The orchestra will be having a high-profile concert by next year in Bristol for the Fast Forward Festival. More than that, there are more exciting activities the youth orchestra thinks of and this excites Warwick.

Warwick is excited to play the ground bass using his computer. He said that music has an impact to his life and reminds him of people he dear so much. Moreover, he is thankful for the orchestra because it gives him the opportunity to perform outside and meet new people with the same interest as him.

Who is Bradley Warwick?

Bradley Warwick is a student of St. Martin's College, a specialist young adult centre, in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Aside from using his device to perform music, it is also his means of communication. The EyeGaze allows him to send e-mails and it generates his spoken phrases.

Long before the EyeGaze arrived, Bradley always needs assistance in his daily routines, especially in his personal care. But with the device around, the computer talks for him. He can now send a text message and prepare PowerPoint and word documents.

According to Jean Bankhead, acting Vice President of the institution, Warwick's social understanding is at par with other people but can't express it because of his condition.

Earlier this year, Warwick joined the BBC Music Day and played as a member of the British Para Orchestra.

Warwick's interest to music started when he learned to play the sound beam. However, the severe movement of his hands limits his opportunities to play the instrument. With the help of Open Up Music, wider opportunities were opened because of the EyeGaze system. It works by tracking the user's eye movement that controls the mouse cursor through staring and blinking the eyes.

The charity encourages disabled people like Bradley to become musicians.

The EyeGaze system has helped thousands of disabled people, including Warwick, to be independent and pursue their dreams.

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