5 Best Song Releases of the Week

The week has ended, but great songs have never stopped banging our heads. The Friday became exciting with the release of new songs from the best artists. Mixed emotions were coming out from fans as they listened to these fresh and powerful songs from their favorite singers. Well, Friday was full of awesomeness and the internet was bombarded with thrill and excitement.

What's extra new for you? To name a few, we have Adele's grand return singing to us a new song from her third album. Hold on, as Gwen Stefani brings us another heartbreaking song. Ultimately, the solid banger is back to send us another banging and dancing song. Say Hi to Justin Beiber.

This is exciting! Come on and let's round up the best 5 songs release this week.

"Used to Love You", Gwen Stefani

The avid PopCrus reader debuted her new ballad song "Used to Love You" in New York City. Gwen Stefani during her one- off showcase last weekend sings to the world another heartbreaking song that became a big hit after. The studio version of "Used to Love You" arrived after few days of the debut. The emoji and great visuals added value to the video, which is the kind of catharsis the singer needs.

"Hello" Adele

Friday had the biggest bang ever after the release of Adele's new song, " Hello" from her third new album "25" to release on November 20. Listening to "Hello" gives faith of bringing back the broken pieces from a long- lost broken relationship. Is there still another chance to be together? Or it only needs closure to end everything? Well, listen to Adele's heartfelt singing.

"Like You want To" Kita Alexander

Kita Alexander, 19- year-old singer- songwriter from Australia, is the new favorite dream-pop darling. Many were stunned by her song " Like You Want To", which feels like a send- off from summer.  Inspired by surfing in LA and summer spent recording, you'll have a feel of a post- summer jam. Kita also made a buzz earlier this 2015  with "My Own Way".

"Weird People", Little Mix

Little Mix has not gained the diligence they deserve in the United States, but with their new album "Get Weird", the result became promising. The foursome twisted a bit in their third album and remained good and pop. The " Weird People" remains heavy with vocoder and synths effects, highlighting the groups skilled and sassy vocals. The " Weird People" deserves  a radio push.

"Sorry", Justin Beiber

"Sorry" by Beiber made her fervent haters and reluctant fans out. His apology- mode track has a tropical house beat that transforms into an infectious dance track from a weepy ballad and overwrought song.

Got the list? The next best step is to get and include these tracks in your weekend habits.

You don't need to go and party out because with these 5 best songs in your playlist will surely boost losing energy. Get mixed of emotions from Beiber, Adele, Little Mix, Kita, and Stefani songs. You'll surely have fun!

Enjoy the weekend.

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