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Top 7 Richest Rappers of the Season

08. December 2015

Many were asking if who's the richest rapper worldwide? All around the world, we have countless numbers of great rappers who have earned million dollars from their category.

In fact, this year has the most numbers of rappers, who earned big, than years ago. No rapper has been recorded to hit the billion dollar mark, but there are a lot of them who made seven digits out of their talents. So, who are these top 7 rappers?

Top 7: Lil Wayne

After years of working out on his career, Lil Wayne has finally made it on top 7 of this Richest Rapper list. His earnings came from his music performances. Based from a report, Wayne charges around $300,000 to $500,000 performance fee.

Top 6: Eminem

Aside from running the Shaddy records, which claims Bad Meets Evil, Slaughterhouse, and Yelawolf, Eminem has no big business ventures like other artists.  His million dollar savings are from his sold-out arena tour, record sales, and performance fees.

Top 5: Birdman

Bryan "Birdman" Williams with his brother Ronald "Slim" Williams have founded the Cash Money two decades ago. The music empire started with the marquee artist, Juvenile, and expanded with other popular artists today including Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Lil Wayne.

Along with the Cash Money, the brothers have invested portion of their treasures in GT Vodka and YMCMB clothing line. Birdman would be on a higher category ranking only if he didn't need to split his money with his brother Slim.

Top 4: Master P

Master P has not released any relevant albums for the past years. But how come that he belongs to this list? Well, he is not only a rapper but an independent - label hustle Godfather. In 1990's he build the No Limit empire, which expanded with a film production company, clothing line, video game company, and a travel agency.

Master P is still earning the reward of his record sales and business ventures.

Top 3: Jay-Z

This isn't surprising. For the last decades, Jay-Z has been one the richest rappers because of his leveraging career and plenty of business ventures. To name a few of his ventures, the Rapper owns Roc Nation Sports, Roc Nation, and D'Usse Cognac. He also struck a deal with Samsung in 2013 that bought millions of Magna Carta... Holy Grail copies.

Top 2: Diddy

Diddy ranks two among the list of millionaire rappers. He has an impressive portfolio and outstanding business ventures, which brings him second on the list. Diddy has founded the Bad Boy along with other ventures like Blue Flame, DeLeon Tequila, and Revolt TV.  Most of his earnings was driven by the Diageo's Ciroc Vodka. The Sean John clothing is one of his great investments, which is driving more revenue for the rapper.

Top 1: Dr. Dre

rap dr

Dr. Dre is considered the richest rapper of all time. He has earned $620 after the acquisition of Apple of his Beats Electronic. Aside from the sale, which has the  biggest share on his net worth, Dr. Dre has also the highest earnings among musicians, calculated annually.


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