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7 Most Popular Hit From American Idol Singers

08. December 2015

This is hard to believe! American Idol will be ending next year after its 15th season. It has been a staple reality show since it begun in 2002 and became the favorite singing competition, not only in America but the world. It is sad to know that American Idol will be ending, but we don't need to be because we have so much success to celebrate for.For the past years, American Idol has crafted great artists and singers, who are now enjoying their career. For now, let's go back and celebrate the biggest hits from the American Idol contestants.

"This is The Night" - Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken has not become the champion of the American Idol second season. But his single, "This is the Night", got the number one chart spot immediately after its release. When it comes to lead singles, Aiken was able to outsell his hits more than the champion, Ruben Studdard.

"Before He Cheats"- Carrie Underwood

Following her victory in American Idol Season 4, Carrie Underwood became one of the successful alumni of the show. She has notched 12 country singles and her "Before He Cheats" is the grandest. It only got the eight spot on the Billboard's Hot 100 but sold out more than four million album units.

"I Believe"- Fantasia

I Believe by Fantasia sold more than two million copies and hit the highest spot on the Hot 100 chart. It was 2014's best-selling single after her victory in American Idol Season 3.

"It's Not Over"- Daughtry

After his exit in the fifth season of American Idol, Chris Daughtry created the Daughtry rock band. It was a successful move for the singer with "It's Not Over" as the debut single. The song is the highlight of their career, which went on top of the Adult contemporary chart. It was also nominated for the "Best Rock Song" in the Grammy.

" The Time of My Life"- David Cook

David Cook has his most outstanding finale song releases after his victory in American Idol's  Season Seven. His "The Time of My Life" got platinum, which is the first winner single after Kelly Clarkson. That is a real solid success for Cook. "The Time of My Life " outsells Kelly Clarkson's " A Moment Like This".

" Whataya Want From Me"- Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert, an eclectic artist, from American Idol placed second in American Idol's Season Two. " Whataya Want From Me" is Lambert's breakout single that reached the top ten on the Hot 100, while his debut album, "For Your Entertainment" reached the number three.

"No Air"- Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks winning in the American Idol's Season six pushed her through a more successful career when she had her self-titled debut single. It sells over million album copies that include the most favourite songs, "No Air" and " Tattoo". Just recently, she had her hottest selling single featuring Chris Brown. It peaked at number three and was a certified platinum.

American Idol is the widest and most-watched reality TV show since its inception in 2002. It may be gone for a while or long, but with the presence of the American Idol's singer around feels like we're watching the live show.

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