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Top 10 Rock Songs Perfect for Holloween

08. December 2015

Happy Halloween everyone! Today is the best time to hold trick-or- treats and hand out candies to those cute little pumpkins waiting at your garage. Here are top 10 rock songs perfect for the Halloween to spice up the revelry.

"Bark at the Moon"- Ozzy Osbourne

"Bark At the Moon" is the Ozzy Osbourne's 1983 third solo album title track. He plays a Mr. Hayde and Dr. Jeckyl style madman at its first MTV and turned into  a raging werewolf on the middle of the song. "Bark at the Moon" is one of his most played love songs and became a Halloween classic of the time.

"Dragula" - Rob Zombie

"Dragula" is the best selling and most popular song of Rob Zombie in 1988. Rob Zombie, Director, and musician, created his White Zombie band, which was named after an American horror film starred by Bela Lugosi. The film was the first ever zombie movie in 1932.

"This is Halloween"- Marilyn Manson

"This is Halloween" is the soundtrack album for The Nightmare Before Christmas (Special Edition) in 2006, which was covered by Marilyn Manson. His original version was in included in 2008's Nightmare Revisited compilation album. Manson and Jay Leno performed "This is Halloween" on the Tonight Show on 2006. In Halloween 2007, it was performed live in Las Vegas.

"Highway To Hell"- AD/DC

"Highway to Hell" became the most favorite song for ages with its devilish nature and creepy impact to any Halloween party. The song was the "AC/DC's title track for their Highway to Hell album in 1979.

"Dead Man's Party"- Oingo Boingo

Lead by Danny Elfman, "Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo was their most commercially successful album in 1985. This is one of the Halloween's most requested song during festivities. "Dead Man's Party" was also featured in the Back to School film by Rodney Dangerfield in 1986.

"Kidnap The Sandy Claws"- Korn

The word Halloween may not be mentioned in Korn's "Kidnap The Sandy Claws" song but the maniacal and creepy lyrics that torture Sandy Claws (Santa Clause) has made it a Halloween classic. "Kidnap The Sandy Claws" also belongs on the Nightmare Revisited compilation album and was the band's first recording with their drummer, Ray Luzier, on 2007.

"Werewolves of London"- Warren Zevon

Keep the people howling and dancing with Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London". The song tells a story  about following werewolves around the city. This Halloween party anthem was Warren Zevon's biggest single that hit #21 on Top 40 charts in 1978.

"Ghost Town"- The Specials

With its weird banshee-like wails, spooky organ, and eerie vibes, the "Ghost Town" by The Specials became the Halloween parties most favorite and requested song in the dance floor. This Halloween classic had topped the UK Singles chart for three consecutive weeks in the year 1981.

"Pet Sematary"- The Ramones

"Pet Sematary by Ramones is their highest charting hit that reached #4 in the Modern Rock Tracks Billboard list. It was released in 1989 as a cover of the Stephen King's film.

"Everyday is Halloween"- Ministry

"Everyday is Halloween" is another Halloween classic by the Ministry in 1984. The song was played live only seven times on 1984 and 1986. Dave Thompson in his book Alternative describes "Everyday is Halloween as "the anthem of America's disenfranchised Gothic community".

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