7 New Singers that You Should Listen to

In this cutthroat music industry, where artists just mushroom from nowhere, being in the limelight is a matter of chance and time. It's now easier for people to be noticed and become a sensation overnight after uploading a three to five minutes video on their account. The challenge now is how to stay on the spotlight after gaining the attention of the crowd.

We have a pool of rising talents that wants to showcase their vocal skills and be around for years and decades to come. There are also plenty of big names coming to show off their unique sounds. While others have proven their names already, we still search for the newest talents that worth listening to. Check out the list of 7 new singers that you would want to listen to.

Alessia Cara

Having a matured and refined sound in her anti- party anthem, "Here", Allessia Cara showed up a kind of lady, who has experienced the ups and downs of womanhood and explored the world in the age of 19. "Here" is the featured song from her album, Four Pink Walls. This fall, the Canadian- bred singer is now preparing her debut album "Know it All".


Justus is a Dallas- bred singer, rapper, and songwriter, which voice was first heard in the Compton album of Dr. Dre. You can listen to the "Deep Water" and "Talk About It" to catch up with his soothing voice. Justus, 21 years old, has a big contribution in the penning of Dr. Dre's album.

Connie Constance

The 20- year old, Connie Constance, has gained the attention and won the hearts of the whole music industry with her song, "Stars". Singing the song in a trance- inducing vocals, the London native, is continuously cultivating her vocals to deliver an impeccable music for the generation.

Tory Lanes

The "swavey" sound of Tony Larez identifies him from other rising stars today. Tony describes "swavey" as the ability to mix different genres together. He signed to Time as Money Entertainment, a label of Sean Kingston after his discovery in YouTube. His newest single from his debut album to be released soon is catching the attention of old school R&B fans.


Abra, an Atlanta- bred singer, writes, produces, and sings her music. She is a soulful R&B singer with a vintage genre, yet innovative and creative aesthetics. Her love to R&B and dancing has showed off in her latest single, "Rose".

Sebastian Kole

Working with other artists, Sebastian Kole, has crafted her own career in the music industry. He has written songs that he never knew will top the Billboard, like the "Going In" by Jennifer Lopez. Not only he is a great songwriter, Kole is also a talented, amazing, stellar singer. Check out the song "Priceless" and listened to how he hit the highest notes.

Maty Noyes

Maty Noyes angelic voice is among those rising stars that everyone should watch out. She was last heard singing the "Angels" on the BBTM track. She has so much to show and probably working on something for us. You better watch out!

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