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Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid Relationship Status After Break-up

08. December 2015

Relationship of Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas is getting stronger as friends, even after their recent breakup. Yes, they are no longer couples but the two tend to care and support each other like they are partners. revealed that Jo Jonas, former Jonas brother singer, still supports and helps her ex- girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. You hear it right! The stunning model, who will have her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show debut, still receives the usual care and love from Jonas. It may be a little different than what they used to be, but the two still feels the comfort with each other.

Gigi Hadid is fretting over her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show first appearance. And to ease her worries and anxieties, Jo Jonas is there for her. That is so sweet!

A reliable source told, “Joe has been very reassuring for her. He told she’s absolutely perfect as she is, and he can’t wait to see her make her debut as a Victoria’s Secret model next week.”  Unlike other broken relationship, Jonas and Hadid's remain the same. The breakup did not affect their friendship, instead, it makes them stronger. They became closer and talk with each other more often... almost every day. 

It was only this November 4 when Jonas and Hadid ended their romance. With different careers, Jonas as a singer and Hadid as a model, the two can't possibly make time for each other. Yes, the only reason is because of their hectic schedules. That's obvious! You two are both celebrities and you must expect that! Anyway, it's an agreeable split. Both of your fans are shocked, but that's the life of a celebrity.

Despite the breakup, Jonas is always there for Gigi. He is a reliable shoulder to lean on. They may now be friends, but sooner when their schedules are freed up, the two will surely be back together as a sweet and cute couple.

Gigi really needs someone to ease her nervousness. Her upcoming debut as a Victoria's Secret model makes her feel incredibly nervous. She can't even get enough sleep.

“Gigi can’t sleep. She’s a combination of both excited and incredibly nervous about her forthcoming appearance at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show,” a reliable source told

The 20- years old model has been working out daily and on a strict diet as she feels worried about her being too curvy for VS Fashion Show. But Gigi has nothing to worry about. She is always great and fab. Everybody is expecting her to rock the fashion show, especially Joe Jonas, who is also excited to see her ex- girlfriend hype the Victoria's Secret stage. 

Joe Jonas started as the frontman of the boy band, Jonas Brother, for the Grammy Nomination. Beyond his music career, he also guests- starred on The CW's "90210" and TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland". He also co- host at the Fashion Rocks Live and contributes at the New York Magazine's, GQ, The Cut, and Nylon Guys.

See! Jonas is occupied with so many projects and activities, yet he still gives time for Gigi. He is an epitome of a good boyfriend.

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