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Louis Tomlinson Heart Broken on Zayn Malik Quitting from 1D

08. December 2015

Louis Tomlinson cannot get over with Zayn Malik quitting from 1D. Among the members of 1D, Tomlinson was the most affected. He also revealed his devastation about the news in his interview with HollywoodLife.com.

All of them were good friends, but Malik and Tomlinson's friendship is different. They seem to be the best pals in the group. It's been more than a month when Zayn Malik quitted One Direction, but his best pal and bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, is still frustrated and saddened by the news. He's still emotional and can't get over it.

While 1D prepared for their fifth studio album release, Tomlinson, reveals why he seems to be broken hearted after Zayn Malik leave the band. The 23- year- old singer disclosed the reason behind Zayn's decision. Not because he wants to be a simple 22- year- old guy, but Malik just fell out of love with music. Sad but true! 1D accepts and understands him. That shows maturity. So proud of you, guys!

In an interview with HollywoodLife.com, Louis says that he was devastated. He also admitted that the band feels incomplete without Malik. He can't absorb the change and still feels the difficulty. He also added that he wants to be happy, yet thinking about Malik quitted the band made it impossible for him. 

Tomlin told The Sunday Times Style Magazine, "Everything had always been good and then something bad happens and you have to make decisions. You have to work out what you want and it makes you really know what you want. We all knew we wanted this.”


However, despite the big change, 1D still owns the energy and enthusiasm of producing their new album. Yes! Without Zayne, it feels like there's a missing jigsaw puzzle piece. But the team is too professional and tough. They work hard for their music and aims to make it the best of their bests album. Being focused on the work helped them forget the difficult times they are going through. Louis added, "So we worked our backsides off because we wanted to show we are a band, we’re here and this is what we do.” Good job 1D! That's the spirit!

1D will be releasing their new and fifth studio album, "Made in the A.M". That will surely be a big hit! See how Directioners react with the album leak. Fans are too furious and are very supportive to 1D. That only implies of a big- break to the band.

Aside from being too busy recording the "Made in the AM", Tomlinson and Liam Payne is working on a business venture. More than that, Louis will have the best and big duty in his life. And that's how to be a good father to his child with Briana Jungwirth, his longtime fling and friend. Well, Louis, you'll surely have no time for other worries except keeping Briana and your baby safe. Maybe you lost a good friend, but someone is coming better for you... and that's your baby. Congratulations, Daddy Louis.

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