Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez: You're My Angel

They are no longer together, but the 21-year-old singer, Justin Bieber, is still showing support to her ex- girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Bieber sends Selena  a simple yet powerful text message before the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. What's in the message?

Everybody at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show was amazed by Selena's powerhouse performance. The singer sang "Me and My Girls" with complete enthusiasm and energy. What made her so stunning that night? Well, aside from being sizzling hot during her performance, there is a definite reason behind. Guess what? Justine texted Selena to show his support. And that's not an ordinary text message.

HollywoodLife.com learned from an insider that Biebs send a sweet and supportive text message. The message says, "You're always  my Angel". Oh my God! What does this mean? Is this another Jelena moment?

With his message, it only shows that Selena is her only Victoria's Secret Angel, even she's not really one of the models.The 23- year-old singer may not be modeling in the fashion show, yet she gained the crowd's attention during her performance. The lady stood up along with other models with her floor- length black dress and with  a full-open front style. Her cleavage was exposed. So sexy, my dear! After her performance, Selena and three of the VS angels took a selfie, giving out their sexiest pouty lips.

Everybody saw a matured Selena Gomez. She is more confident now than with the 2012's VS Fashion Show. Why? Simply because Bieber was flirting with other models. Selena improves a lot and that makes Justine admired her so much.

The insider says, "She’s in a different space now; Selena’s more confident than ever and isn’t feeling at all intimidated by all the gorgeous girls at the show. Her confidence makes her, even more, stunning in Justin’s eyes.” That's a great news! And with that personality, she is making herself, even more, amazing and beautiful.

Selena as the A-list pop queen has so many things to get busy with before the end of the year. 2015 was a big year for her. She just released her new album Revival. Aside from performing in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the singer was also invited to sing at the American Music Awards. More activities and gigs are lined up until next year. Do you think Sel still have time about love? Will she open herself to a relationship? Will he still consider Bieber? Well, only Selena can answer that!

The text message of Bieber saying Selena is her angel may have an impact to the singer, however, we are not sure if it's the only reason for her great performance. The singer is now matured. She's thinking wiser and better. Maybe, she's also happy being single and looking forward to a prosperous career on 2016. You see, Bieber. You have not taken care of her, so she learned to take care of herself. Anyway, whatever Justin means about his text message, we still see it sweet!

What do you think, guys? Is it possible for another Jelena moment? Tell us!


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