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Rick Ross and Chris Brown New Music Video Features Lira Galore

08. December 2015

Check out Rick Ross' new music video entitled "Sorry". Featured in the video is her sexy on- again fiancee, Lira Galore, and singer- rapper, Chris Brown. Galore, in the music video, still wears the engagement ring bling from Ross. Rick Ross just dropped his new music video featuring Chris Brown. The song, "Sorry", is a real proof that he and Lira Galore has reconciled. The couple has been engaged for two months until they decided to part ways. We don't know exactly the reasons why, but good thing they are now good and back. Galore is still wearing the dazzling engagement ring bling from the rapper. To document, it was just this November 12, in time with the music video premiere, when the couple gets back together.

This is a sweet return. Rick Ross have featured her fiancee in the "Sorry" music video. That only proves their already back for real. In the video, Rick and Lira showed a completely loving and sweet relationship, with her caressing and cuddling him. And this hot, sexy lady is wearing the $350, 000 worth engagement ring.

The video started with Chris Brown singing the song, with snapshots of Lira, an unknown woman, and Ross. Who's this lady? The video was full of sweetness until this lady left her lace thong in Lira's kitchen drawer. Lira finds out about the lace thong and confronted Rick about it.

The rapper denied and told her girl that he loves her so much. But despite her eagerness to win Lira back, she decided to leave. With all things packed, her fiancee leaves and moves out! She neither care nor believe everything Brown says. Chris brown pops out the scene once in a while and  raps in some part of the song with Ross.

Lira receives a phone call from Ross, pleading her to go back. "I need you back here, I'm sorry". That's what exactly he says. Responding calmly, she decided to return.

The next scenes were shocking! The love triangle became more stupefying, especially at the end of the storyline. Lina gets back the house and is organizing her things when the side chick came in the room with a gun! She pulled the trigger and the screen turns dark. That's the end!

What do you think does this mean? Will Lira and Ross' have a happy ending or it will still end up tragic? The storyline ended confusing! You should watch the video now and tell us what you think. 

After his release from the jail, it was announced that Rock proposed to Lira. He gave her a six- carat diamond wedding band and 11- carat emerald cut diamond ring that is roughly estimated to cost $350, 000. Everybody was overwhelmed by the price, but Rick told the media that "you can't put a price on love".

The break-up was reported because a huge fight early this November but that two denied the issue. Ross still posted photos of Lira, until the premier of her new song "Sorry" featuring Chris Brown and Lira Galore.

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