Madonna: "We Will Never Let Them" Silence Us

The world is praying for Paris with the recent attack that killed and injured hundreds of people. And even Madonna speaks up during her Rebel Heart tour in Stockholm, Sweden about the Thursday terrorism. It was a shocking news! Almost 129 found dead on the suicide bombing in Paris last Friday the 13th. The world is mourning the death of these hundred innocent people while their families are yearning for justice.

During Madonna's Rebert Heart tour, the singer remembered the Thursday's Paris attack with a tear- jerking and beautiful speech. Initially, her tour aims to make people happy with her performance, but just after a few line, Madonna started to be sentimental and choked up before finally uttered the words, she want to say the crowd.

“Obviously, this whole show is about celebrating life and standing up for your rights, fighting for what you believe in,” said Madonna. She also asks herself why she still having a good time, laughing, and performing on-stage, while many other people were in pain and crying.

However, the singer emphasizes that what happening now is what the terrorists wants the world to be. She said, "That is exactly what these people want to do. They want to shut us up. They want to silence us. And we won’t let them. We will never let them! 

Madonna believes that unity is powerful and the more pain, chaos, terrorism and senseless violence happens around the world, the more goodness there is in the world. "We are here to prove it", she elaborated.

Just wow! That was truly powerful words from the "Material Girl" singer, who has touched the lives of the whole crowd and most of her fans. She also stated that to change the world is not kill hundreds of people or to elect another president. But to treat each other with peace and respect, to show dignity and humility. She then asked s moment of silence to pray for Paris and to everyone affected of the attacks.

Madonna's words have so much impact to her listeners. Even the whole world agree to what she says during the Rebel Heart tour. Wiping her tears, the singer started to sing a beautiful rendition of the song, "Like a Prayer".

In her Instagram account, Madonna shared a photo with a caption, "Thank you, Stockholm! Tonight’s show was difficult, but there was so much love in this arena it made me feel like we were turning darkness into light. And that is our jobs as human beings!”

Her tours were always been amazing, but this one strikes the most!

Her Instagram followers admired Madonna with her speech saying,

Madonna and the whole world is praying for Paris.


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