Gavin Rossdale Admits Mistake to Gwen Stefani

Gavin Rossdale, ex- husband of Gwen Stefani, admits he made lots of mistake to the singer, especially that he had an affair with their nanny. "If I could turn back time, I would do things differently", said Rossdale. Everybody knows that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are happily dating, but Gavin Rossdale is stepping out the scene regretting all the mistakes he did to his ex- wife. The 13-years of marriage has ended nothing when Stefani found out about Gavin's alleged cheating with Mindy Mann, their family nanny for several years.

A reliable source told that Ross never stops loving Gwen. He really wants to be with Gwen and never wanted a divorce. She is a great mother to their children and the love of his life. Rossdale is honest that she did so many mistakes to Gwen. The source also said that Rossdale would want to do anything to turn back time, correct his mistakes, and do things differently. This only means a thing. He wants to get back Gwen.

Gwen and Gavin met on 1995 and they begun creating their beautiful love stories. For almost 13 years, the two have built a relationship until they got married and had three cute little boys. But because of a love affair with a nanny, which already lasted for three years, their relationship was ruined leaving Gwen disappointed and devastated. The 13- years of marriage ended up in a divorce.

The Bush Rocker is obviously having a hard time getting over with Gwen. And it may also difficult with him to see his ex- wife dating Blake Shelton. That's only if ever everything he says is true.

Gavin knows that he did wrong and it's unfortunate that they ended the marriage to nothing. He feels guilty of everything and regrets making them.

What did really happens to Gwen and Gavin marriage? Well, it was previously reported that Gavin slept with their nanny, Mindy, after Gwen gave birth to Apollo. Gwen has no idea about it until only this February 15 when she discovered the romance between the two. Mindy and Gavin were exchanging sweet text messages and explicit photos.

Gwen just thought about it as being flirtatious, but according to reports, Gavin admitted that he slept with the nanny, not only once but several times for three years. This ruined Gwen that made her decided for a divorce.

Mindy Mann worked with the family since 2008 after being recommended by a friend. She was fired just this 2015 after Gwen's confrontation with Gavin about the nude photos and dirty text.

The nanny is a big fan of the couples. She started wearing similar outfits with Gwen after she was hired in the job. Not only outfits, but Mindy also mimics Gwen's hairstyles and fashion styles. Too gross, that she also wants the same husband. Whatever!

Gavin Rossdale may be sorry about everything, but it's too late. Gwen is now happy with Blake. Everybody knows that. The world is a testimony of the sweetness of the two singers on and off- screen. And just recently, The Voice judges have shown cheesiness in front of the show's audiences. Blake kissed Gwen. OMG! Too sweet!

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