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Alessia Cara Cries Because of Taylor Swift

08. December 2015

Alessia Cara can't hide her happiness after she performs onstage with Taylor Swift during the 1989 World Tour at Tampa, Florida. After singing, she immediately proceeded in her dressing room to bawl out. What's the reason behind?

The singer cannot compose herself after her duet with Taylor Swift. In her interview with Tay, she admitted that she run back to her dressing room to cry out loud. Cara felt really happy. It was her first time to sing in front of more than 55,000 arm- waving fans. She just felt emotional. Don't worry, Cara. It's not only you. Many have been on that scenario and it just feels great after.

Cara's Haloween night was spent in a one-on-one interview with Taylor Swift on November 18, Wednesday. They talked about her debut album "Know-It-All". During that interview, the singer also admitted that she felt overwhelmed during her performance with Tay singing "Here".

The singer even thanks Swift for making her cry. “I went to my dressing room, and I bawled my eyes out. Because of you. So, thank you for making me cry,” she admitted to Swift. The singer feels the same way responding, “It was emotional for me, too.”

The 19- year old singer was surprised by the enthusiasm and love of fans to her party- bashing anthem, "Here". The song was supposed to be a theme song of anti- party goers, but hilarious... it is played even on parties.

"Here" is for people who are not interested in parties. You are not alone because Alessia is with you. A part of it's lyrics goes this way, “I don’t dance/ don’t ask/ I don’t need a boyfriend. So you can/ go back/ Please enjoy your party.”

Cara just realized so many things about her debut single. 

“If you really think about it, it’s such a miserable song for a first single, but I feel like it worked, right? It was different.” 

Yes, Cara! It's different. Your voice is just too unique. You just did a great job!

Alessia's "Here" music video was inspired by a real-life party scenario. She revealed to Swift that she imitates a "horrible party" scene with her friends. The singer thought that her pals will be offended by her idea, instead they felt excited. The whole gang waited all day just to record a 10-second video scene. Oh well, Cara, they are really your real friends. She also emphasizes that she wants to re-create the video.

Taylor Swift just admired Cara for being too simple and real. We all know that Tay usually wears bedazzled costume galore in all of her tours, but the Youtube sensation just sing comfortably with her leather jacket and ripped jeans stage combo. Moreover, Swift admired her attitude of not being conscious about her image.

Cara responded confidently to Taylor's compliment. Next to music, which is important to her, the singer wants to be identified as who she is.

"So, when I would go around and play for labels … trying to get signed, I just made it a point to say this is who I am, I dressed the way I would normally dress."

Most importantly, the singer wants to be real than being molded by anyone to be anything.

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