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The One Direction Potato Just Got so Famous

08. December 2015

One Direction has the newest member of the family. Say hello to the Russet Potato! Welcome to the gang. You're just too famous now. One Direction just introduced their newest band member at the Jimmy Kimmel Live. From being a common potato available in the market, it has now become a celebrity sensation because of 1D. What do you think is so special about this potato?

1D bought the potato at Ralph for only 58 cents. They described it as a humble and ordinary vegetable that will make young girls shriek. Yes! It will become the most popular potato in the world, who will date famous singers like Ariana Grande. Even paparazzi's will take photos of it.

Just after the boy band introduced their newest member, it instantly became a celebrity. Liam rubbed it in Harry's hair while Niall kissed it! Too sweet, guys! The One Direction potato was surely overwhelmed of your glamours and warm welcome. They band also posted a photo of the Russet potato welcoming it to the band.

Of course, just like other celebrities, the potato has its own Instagram account. After its first exposure at the Jimmy Kimmel Live, it gained over 106, 000 followers and counting.

Well, the potato had a great night with the 1D boys. They took the stage to perform some songs from Made In the A.M album. The newest band member sat behind the drums! Great drumming, potato! You took the performance to the next level!Aside from the chance of playing with One Direction live on- stage, this Russet potato made some friends. You're so cool, dude! Celebrities would want to take photos with you.

By the way, you would also like to follow the 1D Potato's newest Twitter account. It has over 15, 000 followers from the time of the announcement. The potato is really hitting the limelight. However, it has not yet following his co- members. When it does, Louis, Liam, Harry, and Niall would be too happy about it.

The One Direction potato has a memorable and incredible night with his new family.

It has been eight months now since Zayn Malik departed from One Direction. The singer just fell out of music, says a source. That was a surprising goodbye for the band and to the Directioners. But we can't do anything about it. Without Malik in the band, 1D still pursues its band gigs with full energy and enthusiasm. Lately, they just have released their latest album, Made In The A.M.

The British- Irish boy band sold over 11 million album copies around the world. 1D is the first band to debut four albums at number one on the Billboard 200. Their four albums sold a million copies just in the US.

On August 23, One Direction announced that they will take a break by March 2016 to pursue solo albums, and regain energy from the five years of continuous touring. This is a mutual decision from the four remaining boys of the band. However, Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam assure fans that the hiatus won't take too long. No definite date as to when they will take their well- deserved breaks, but 1D made sure that they will come back.

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